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Turn Signal & Horn Kits

In many states, unless you are an on-duty law enforcement officer, a public utility worker, or a farmer/rancher traveling no more than twenty-five miles, you must comply with a variety of rules to be able to legally drive your Polaris RZR 4 -- or any other ROV for that matter -- on any parcels of public property. In addition to an off-highway vehicle registration decal, head and tail lights, and a United States Forest Service qualified spark arrestor, many localities in the U.S, Canada, Australia, and other nations require ROVs to have turn signal lights. And while you may be thinking that you can sneak by under the radar with friendly cops that will give you a nice wave as you drive by, the last thing you want is a $200 ticket from a power-hungry game warden that is clearly jealous of your souped-up rig.

Bureaucracy notwithstanding, hooking up blinkers, turn indicators, and signal kits on your Polaris RZR 4 also adds an element of safety to your machine and can help you communicate with other drivers as you ride. Convoying, for instance, is much easier with turn signals --, especially during the night. And because aftermarket turn signal producers have made it easier than ever to install a signal kit at home, claiming technical ignorance is no longer a viable excuse. If you drive at night, run your machine on roads or within city limits, or want a fully street legal Polaris RZR 4 that you can take anywhere in the nation without any worries, a plug-n-play turn signal kit from Everything Polaris RZR is your best bet!

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