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Spare Tire Mounts

Nobody likes getting a flat tire!  But it’s even worse if you don’t have a spare with you! Everything Polaris RZR has a wide assortment of Spare Tire Mounts to keep you prepared on the trail for that flat tire!  Maybe you carry a spare in the bed of UTV, but that’s not practical because you are losing valuable space! Instead, mount a spare tire carrier to a variety of locations on your Side x Side and ride across those jagged rocks without fear! We have all the brands you trust like DragonFire, Extreme Metal Products, SuperATV, PRP, and more!  Keep your bed open for things that matter, like the buck you just shot, and your spare securely mounted on the top, side, front or rear of your Polaris RZR4!


Do you avoid certain paths because you fear getting a flat?  Mount a Spare Tire Carrier to your Polaris RZR4 and ride those same paths worry free! Whether you are looking for a side, top, front, or rear mount, we have all the tire mounting options you need! Not only will you love the space you free up, you will also be quite impressed with the new rugged look of your Side x Side! Purchase your UTV Mount or UTV Carrier today!    

Picture this, it’s freezing out, you’ve got a flat, you’re running low on fuel and you are expected to be out on the trail for another two hours because you have a flat tire and no spare to replace it. Shameful! Invest in a spare tire mount and avoid hours on the trail potentially freezing! The spare tire mounts that you fin here are both easy to install and yet are resilient. They will do the job they are built to do and are made to last for years to come. The brands that we carry make only the best and we are proud to carry them because of their standing in the UTV aftermarket parts industry. Choose a high quality spare tire mount for your 2020 RZR 4 XP Turbo, the 2020 RZRS 4 S1000 or the 2020 RZR 4 XP1000 and never be stranded again because of a flat tire.

Please remember to always verify fitment prior to purchasing.

Our Experts are standing by to help answer any questions! Please call us at: 1-866-373-8775  / Mon.-Fri. 9:00AM-4:00PM

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