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Prop Shafts

If the prop shaft on your Polaris RZR 4 is not turning or you can hear a popping or clattering noises from your drivetrain, you may have broken your stock Polaris RZR driveshaft.While a tightly-set lash on the gears or shock-proof oil in the tranny can reduce play and help prevent broken prop shafts, broken driveshafts can still occur -- especially if you drive recklessly with the pedal to the metal. Shafts typically break at the base of the splines that the pinion gear is on. And once it’s even slightly fractured, your shaft is as good as toast. Aftermarket snorkel shafts are popular replacements for stock driveshafts, and prop shaft manufacturers like RCV, Turner Cycles, and SuperATV are all good options for replacement Polaris RZR driveshafts. But even if your driveshaft isn’t broken, you still might want to upgrade it in a bit to proactively combat a broken prop shaft in the future.

Flawlessly engineered to smoothly and efficiently transfer power from the engine and pinion yoke to the slip yoke and eventually the wheels of your Polaris RZR 4, the driveshafts and half shafts from Everything Polaris RZR operate free from vibrations, eliminating the pulses and jerks caused by non-complementary run angles. And that’s just the beginning! With double sealed support bearings and other sealing provisions, abrasive contaminants are kept at bay and are blocked from entering critical areas of the driveshaft. Using strong materials like Chromaloy billet aluminum, the Polaris RZR prop shafts for Everything Polaris RZR are fabricated to meet the strictest of manufacturing and performance parameters and are rigorously balanced and tested to ensure that they fulfill the highest quality assurances. So if your RZR prop shaft is busted up or your looking to upgrade to an aftermarket driveshaft, you’ve come to the right place!

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