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When it comes to the steering system of the four-seater Polaris RZR, there’s nothing like bullet proofing the steering rack. And one of the best ways to do this is with a steering stabilizer kit. While aftermarket steering racks like those by Rack Boss and Rackzilla are good, another option is to stay with the stock steering rack and throw on a stabilizer. Ask any rider who has installed on and they’ll tell you the huge difference a stabilizer kit makes. It hooks on to the stock rack and prevents it from slamming back and forth. The only caveat is that you cannot install it with the SATV system, it’s too big. But if you haven’t swapped out your stock RZR 4 rack with a SuperATV steering rack, you should be good to go.

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If you're experiencing turning issues, you may not need a completely new steering rack. Should problems arise, you might have trash or something in the steering block that is catching randomly in the gears. To check this look into the boots on steering arms (AKA tie rods). Pull the boot back on one side and you'll be able to see inside somewhat. If you had a big impact occur while driving, the problem could be a broken tooth that is catching. Look for a bend also. We've seen racks and pinions with small bends that cause steering issues. In addition to the steering system itself, programming and the computer of your RZR 4 can also affect your machine's steering -- especially if you have electronic power steering. Check engine lights and power steering lights often turn on, and when they do you'll likely lose power steering. It might come back on when you're driving or when you restart your UTV. Two common possibilities that can cause this are problems in either the voltage sensor or the torque sensor inside the EPS motor. If your dealer plugs in diagnostics, it should give them a better clue, but the regulator could be the problem as well. You might want to watch your voltage while you're riding to see if it is acting predictable. We know that If you power wash the motor on the passenger side, you might mess up the TPS sensor that runs on the same 5v circuit as the power steering. It is the molex connector that faces upside down. Clean it, dry it, then apply some dielectric grease, that should solve your issue. If you're experiencing other steering problems with your RZR 4 or want to upgrade the steering system, give us a holler and we'll straighten you up in no time. 

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