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If you’re like most RZR 4 owners, you’ve probably had your fair share of check engine lights flashing on your dash. A lot of the time, these go away on their own if you turn off your rig or drive in low for a while. And in many cases, the check engine light will come on to inform you of problems with secondary or even tertiary engine components. If your machine is throwing codes such as 65590, 65591, and 65592, your dealer will probably tell you to replace the fuel pump. But some dealers don’t always have riders’ best interests at heart. So if the check engine light illuminates on your RZR 4, we would suggest first and foremost to take a look at your machine’s belt. Any slippage will cause that cylinder misfire to immobilize you, which is never fun when you’re stranded deep in the mountains and all your machine can do is throw misfire codes. If your belt is good and is not slipping, you may need some ECM work done to correct the issue of false engine codes. Surprisingly, a little computer work can go a long way when it comes to the RZR 4 engine. The misfire detection sensors are calibrated too sensitively from the factory. So a good ECM tune and aftermarket programming can help to desensitize the knock sensors to avoid false engine codes and increase overall performance.

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Some riders looking to increase performance have reached out to us asking about engine builds and aftermarket engines for the RZR 4. When you start to delve into engine replacements, though, you better have a lot of skill or a lot of money -- and realistically you're probably going to need both. We've seen RCV, Rs1, ORB, FCR, KB3, PRP, TQR, and Keller engines being used in the RZR 4. We've also seen 1000 and 1100cc gsxr engines, Busa engines, and even a 1100 turbo snowmobile motor work in an RZR. Some are made for higher top speeds, while others provide faster takeoffs. But unless you're a racer, most riders will find that the stock RZR 4 engine is sufficient for most types of riding. If you're curious about what type of engine you can put in your RZR 4 or want to learn more about / buy engine parts, components, or rebuild kits, give us a holler and we'll sort you out.

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