Cooling System

From coolant and brushless radiator fans to aftermarket RZR 4 radiators and radiator relocation kits, when it comes to ride performance, keeping the engine cool is paramount. If you run a custom grill on your RZR 4, have a bumper/winch combo, or other factors are causing your rig to overheat, a radiator relocation kit -- AKA the rancher’s choice -- is an option. However, in many cases, overheating is more often than not caused by fans not turning on, issues with the coolant/coolant lines, or a busted up radiator core. And while relocating the radiator can help protect it, if you weigh the efforts -- which include fabricating brackets, replumbing everything, and finding a spot on an already crowded RZR on which the radiator can be relocated -- with the benefits, it may prove more beneficial to just take 15 minutes and slap on some Grizzz-Tek radiator and voltage regulator guards. Why Polaris left the radiator sides exposed on many of their RZR models is beyond us, but when it comes to protecting your exposed $500 radiator from rocks, branches, and everything else flung up by the front tires, running some voltage regulator guards for less than $100 is a small price to pay. And if you’re like most people who are halfway mechanically inclined, you’re probably thinking that you can just fab some up in your garage at home. But unless you’re retired or partake in mechanics as a hobby, you must take into consideration your time. First of all, you’ll be mounting the guards to plastic, which won't support any type of metal. It would be added weight unless you went with aluminum, and besides, anything other than aluminum is going to rust. Outside of all these downfalls and considering the value of your time, for less than $100 you could be done before you even figured out a template for making such radiator guards yourself. After all, you only have one life, so use your time wisely.

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But if you failed to protect your radiator and are in the market for a new one, the Triple Pass by CBR Performance is among the best out there. A friend of the site owns an RZR 900 XP that has overheated from the day he bought it new. After installing a new Triple Pass radiator, his problems were gone. We also hooked him up with a brushless Polaris fan off of a 2018 machine -- which looks identical but are brushless. But with the new radiator, the fan doesn't ever have to turn on. So if you're looking for a radiator that bolts right on like stock, a radiator that is thicker and holds more fluid, and a radiator that uses OEM fans, give us a jingle and we'll find the right solution to meet your RZR cooling needs.