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When it comes to the body of the Polaris RZR 4, one’s options are myriad. We’ve seen people run a Ford Raptor body kit on their RZR four-seaters and people who fabbed a 31 Chevy body onto their RZR to make a badass street and off-road rat rod buggy. The width and wheelbase aren’t that much different, and the body of a 1931 Chevy probably weighs less than the beastly fiberglass bodies they make for RZRs, so why not? There is even a shop in Southern California that builds bodies for the RZR 4 that look exactly like the Warthog vehicles from the video game Halo. Of course, any kind of body kit like these is going to be pricey. The amount of work going into fitment and the fiberglass alone is an undertaking. But for $7K + $2.5k for the install, these body kits are more novelty items for the rich than they are everyday RZR 4 accessories? If you want to customize your RZR 4 body you might as well have bought an older 250 and got to pick from the hundreds of different body kits out there.

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For the average rider, altering their RZR 4 body will likely consist of paint jobs, panel replacements, wraps, aftermarket floor pans, and extended fenders. Regarding body paint, your local Napa should be able to do a paint match and put it in a spray can for you. We've seen RAL 5017 used to match the Jagged X (AKA Traffic Blue, VooDoo Blue, and Electric Blue) paint color, but an ACE 570 rattle can or Rust Oleum's Sail blue are pretty close as well. Whatever paint you use on your RZR body, just make sure to use a primer on the first coat. In addition to paints, body wraps and new plastic kits are other common ways to change the aesthetics of your RZR 4. Regarding the former, the key is preparation. Use a clay bar with dish soap and water, then wipe down the panels with alcohol. Apply the wrap then use a heat gun to affix it. And while you might be tempted to use a junk eBay film, we'd suggest a more quality film from industry leaders like 3M or Avery. And if you don't have the time or desire to wrap your machine yourself, there are many companies out there -- such as Toyskinz -- that will do it for you.

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