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No UTV communication system is complete without a receiver. If you're using your RZR 4 as a broadcasting machine, then perhaps you may not need a receiver. But if you want to be able to get signals from riders and other external sources such as fire departments, EMTs, forrest rangers, etc. receivers are paramount. But even if you aren't in the wilderness, but instead using your RZR 4 on the track or at medium to long racing events, receivers are a must -- if not mandatory. Most receivers used for races are made specifically to monitor a single channel or frequency, which reduces noise chatter and simplifies the ease of use. UTV receivers main purpose is to allow both spotters and drivers to hear announcements from race officials as well as to receive traffic and other details. They are typically attached to ear buds or headsets, but we also offer receivers that can wirelessly pair with speakers and headphones via bluetooth connectivity. Whether you're looking for a mixed-use receiver with a variety of features, or a receiver for a specific function, we've got what you need right here at Everything Polaris RZR.

With receivers sanctioned by bodies such as the United States Auto Club and the International Motor Contest Association, you are guaranteed to find a UTV race receiver to use in your next race. Get voice communications from your team, officials, or your co-pilot. And even if you're not racing, receivers are great for avid spectators. Tune them to your favorite team or driver and get in on the ground-floor of the action. Mount them on the dash of your RZR 4, attach them to your harness or racing coat, and get ready for crystal clear sound with a UTV receiver from Everything Polaris RZR.

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