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Whether you're looking for a headset to use without a helmet to communicate to your co-pilot, a UTV headset that works with half-shell helmets, or an offroading headset that seamlessly integrates into any helmet of any size, here at Everything Polaris RZR, we've got the right headset for you and your four-seat RZR.Over-ear headsets are a popular option, and are frequently coupled with intercom systems to allow passengers to communicate with each other in the same RZR 4. You can also sync over-ear headsets to communication radios, gaining the ability for bike-to-bike communications. Two types of over-ear headsets dominate the market -- over the head and behind the head headsets. While both provide excellent sound quality, the latter is more popular with those who wear hats, helmets, or simply want the freedom to look around without a bulky device atop their dome. There are also single-side headsets that leave one ear exposed to the world, letting you communicate both to the people right beside you, and those who are miles away.

The right headset for you and your Polaris RZR 4 will depend on factors such as your seat, your ride style, and your communication needs. Listen-only headsets are great for situations where you need only to receive audio, not transmit it. But if you need to both hear and be heard, you'll need a headset with a microphone. Be it a wired headset that plugs directly into your two-way radio or a wireless UTV headset that pairs with your CB radio or directly to other headsets, we've got what you need in the Polaris RZR 4 headset department. We even have hearing protection headsets for children and adults alike. When the decibels are high and your hearing is at risk, protective hearing headsets are the surefire way to save both your eardrums and your children's eardrums. Whatever type of headset you're after, our selection of headsets for Polaris RZR 4 owners is sure to have the style you need.

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