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Clutches & Clutch Kits

From Polaris RZR 4 800 clutch rebuild components like clutch weights and clutch springs to aftermarket Polaris RZR Pro XP 4 clutch kits by companies like EPI and Aftermarket Assassins, the one and only place you need to look for Polaris RZR 4 clutches and clutch kits is Everything Polaris RZR! Be it a performance Polaris RZR 4 clutch or a stock-style Polaris RZR 4 clutch replacement, we’ve got everything under the sun here at Everything Polaris RZR!



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Few parts and components of your Polaris RZR 4 are as important as your clutch. For those Polaris RZR 4 owners who are familiar with the inner workings of their engine, there’s no need to explain why your clutch is so important. But for those who aren’t, your Polaris RZR 4’s clutch is the link between your engine and your wheels. The clutch is what ensures rotational power is properly transferred throughout your Polaris RZR 4; it is the true mechanical linchpin of your Polaris RZR 4, and without it you can say hello to serious engine problems, transmission problems, and mechanical failure. This is why it is so important to make sure your Polaris RZR 4’s clutch is functioning at its best and has all the best aftermarket UTV clutch parts and components.

Some Polaris RZR 4 owners replace their stock clutch system with a new aftermarket side by side clutch kit because of issues experienced with their stock clutch. Others choose to upgrade their Polaris RZR 4 with an aftermarket UTV clutch kit because they’re not satisfied with the performance they are getting from their Polaris RZR 4’s stock clutch. And for those who are looking to upgrade their Polaris RZR 4 with larger wheels and tires, an aftermarket clutch kit may be necessary to accommodate them. Whatever the reason, here at Everything Polaris RZR we have all the aftermarket clutches, clutch kits, turbo clutch kits, and clutch tools you need to service, repair, or replace your Polaris RZR 4’s clutch unit. Whether you need individual parts to repair your Polaris RZR 4’s stock clutch, a complete new aftermarket Polaris RZR 4 clutch kit, or a clutch puller tool to help you install your new Polaris RZR 4 clutch kit, we’ve got it right here at Everything Polaris RZR!

It’s no secret why some riders choose to upgrade their Polaris RZR 4 with a new aftermarket UTV complete clutch kit. An aftermarket Polaris RZR 4 clutch kit will give you a noticeable improvement in acceleration, braking, and gear shifting. Shifting gears has never been smoother with a Polaris RZR 4 aftermarket clutch kit. We’re big fans of the Polaris RZR 1000 Primary And Secondary Clutch Kit by Duraclutch. Unlike a lot of clutch kits for the Polaris RZR 4, this kit features both a primary and secondary clutch and offers continuous belt engagement that is guaranteed to increase your Polaris RZR 4’s belt life. Another great choice is the Polaris RZR XP 1000 S4 Recoil Clutch Kit by Aftermarket Assassins. This clutch kit comes with everything you need for a complete Polaris RZR 4 clutch upgrade and is designed to give you a substantial boost in acceleration, downshifting, throttle response, and engine braking. This particular Polaris RZR 4 clutch kit is great for those running larger tires on their machine.

Servicing, repairing, and replacing your Polaris RZR 4’s clutch isn’t a task for amateurs. Unless you want to risk doing expensive damage, you want to make sure you know what you’re doing before you go poking and prodding around your Polaris RZR 4’s clutch. In addition to the technical and mechanical know-how, you want to make sure you’ve got the right clutch tools to do the job successfully. Things like side by side clutch pullers for the Polaris RZR 4 will be your best friend when working on your clutch. Here at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got plenty of clutch pullers and other clutch tools for the Polaris RZR 4. The Polaris RZR 900 / XP 1000 Clutch Upgrade Tool Kit by SuperATV will give you everything you could possibly need to work on or replace your Polaris RZR 4’s clutch. However, if you’re just looking for a single clutch puller we recommend both the Polaris RZR 900 / XP 1000 Primary Clutch Puller by SuperATV and the Polaris RZR Secondary Drive Clutch Puller by SuperATV.

Trust us, you won’t regret upgrading your Polaris RZR 4’s clutch with one of our many quality aftermarket side by side clutch kits. The dramatic boost in acceleration, torque, horsepower, and throttle response will definitely get your heart going. If you’re ready to see what your Polaris RZR 4 is really capable of, order one of our clutch kits or clutch parts and accessories today!

UTV Clutch Kits like those by Aftermarket Assassins, BPM, and SuperATV will give any horsepower addict the itch. The Stage-Two Helix Clutch is one of our best-sellers, and the AA Clutch Kit is popular as well because it allows you to add or take away magnets/weights to dial in the RPMs on your machine. These and other aftermarket Polaris RZR clutch manufacturers make quality side-by-side clutches to address a variety of rider needs and machine setups. No matter what you have on your rig, be it larger tires, a lift, or home-fabricated snorkel system, an aftermarket UTV clutch from Everything Polaris RZR will give you more responsiveness on the trail and improve your ride quality immensely. So what are you waiting for, upgrade your rig today!

The perfect clutch or clutch kit for your machine is within the reach of your clutches. You can find secondary drive clutch pullers, or simply the perfect clutch kit upgrade for your RZR 4 XP Turbo, the RZR 4 XP1000 as well as the RZRS 4 S1000. These kits are made to be better than their stock equivalents and perform as such. You can trust and believe that the clutch kits that we carry are made by engineers who have dedicated themselves to the near perfecting of the systems that the brands we carry offer. They are the men and women who stand behind the brands that we proudly present to you here. These brands are among the best in the aftermarket UTV parts industry. They are SuperATV and Trinity Racing. These two brands have made names for themselves as being performance-driven parts providers that riders around the world know and trust.

While a select few Polaris RZR 4 riders choose to rebuild their clutches with spider machined upgrades and custom puck mods, many other Polaris RZR 4 owners choose to upgrade their machines with aftermarket UTV clutches for better initial engagement, more low- and mid-range engagement, and faster shifting. Still, other riders are simply looking to repair or replace broken and worn out clutching systems and their constituent components. Clutch weights can stick, causing your RZR to stall when you come to a complete stop -- as if it were a manual transmission and you didn’t engage the clutch all the way. One-way bearings can go bad, clutch springs can bend, and myriad other clutch components can wear down and cause the clutch to fail. But even if you run a perfectly functional stock clutch on your Polaris RZR, you still are probably considering a clutch upgrade for the performance gains alone.

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