Aftermarket Polaris ACE exhausts aren’t all about making your machine sound nasty. In fact, most riders upgrade their Sportsman’s exhaust system -- be it with a slip-on exhaust, muffler, or completely new full exhaust -- out of pure power pragmatism. Still, other ACE owners and those with the edition in particular chose to install an aftermarket exhaust due to a recall on one of the exhaust header pipes -- which made the exhaust extremely hot and causing radiant-heat damage to panels, seats, beds, and other exhaust-adjacent components. Indeed many Polaris Sportsman riders use header wrap on their exhausts for insulation, coat their machines with NASCAR-style fireproofing to control the heat, or simply refrain from pushing their seat all the way back to avoid the heat of the exhaust, if you want to not only fix the issue but increase performance as well, exhaust upgrades are definitely in order.


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Whatever your reason is for throwing an aftermarket exhaust into your ACE, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got a wide variety of UTV exhausts for all types of riders. The FMF full pipe series and the tuner will surely wake your ACE up, and many riders go with the Big Gun Evo U exhaust with a Dynojet XC programmer. However the latter is quite noisy, so if you’re not looking to be obnoxiously loud, you can get a silencer and a spark arrestor to dampen the sound output. Exhausts by Bikeman Performance and Trinity Racing are also top sellers. Riders say they get big improvements in bottom-end and mid power gains with their aftermarket exhausts. And should they choose to really awaken the beast, they can make their system sound bad to the bone. Whether you’re looking to bump up your machine’s horsepower to the high seventies or trying to maximize airflow to your turbo Sportsman, there’s much more to an aftermarket ACE exhaust system than sound alone.

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