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Drive Belts

Without a drive belt, your Polaris ACE won’t work. And the belt-driven, continuously variable transmission used in the ACE does a number on substandard belts. But unlike other side-by-sides, which require you to jack your rig up, remove the shock, stand on one foot and whistle to change the belt, the belt access on the ACE makes it a bit easier to change. To swap out the drive belt on your ACE 900 XC, you only need to undo the two bolts holding on the voltage regulator and remove the grease zerk, so it really isn't too bad. Once you get your new OEM or aftermarket belt installed, make sure to do a dry run before heading out on a ride. The last thing you need is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere in an ACE without a drive belt, which is why you should always have a spare. Inspect your belt regularly and consult your ACE owners manual for scheduled replacement periods. Throw in a new G-force belt by Gates or the Stage Five ACE drive belt by Trinity Racing and save the old belt as a spare.


SuperATV drive belts are manufactured by Gates, so they both utilize carbon fiber tensile cords for better sidewall friction and Kevlar-loaded rubber that can withstand the hottest of temperatures. They won’t stretch or become warped as quickly as OEM ACE drive belts. They also don’t fray, and the adhesive gum extract used to vulcanize the heat-treated rubber will never succumb to the dreaded edge-cord pull out. The reduced stretching in these aftermarket drive belts allows for a consistent shift action at peak power output as well as better throttle response -- which means faster accelerations, fewer jerks, and more power to the drive shaft, axles, and other downstream driveline components. Be it the SATV/Gates drive belt or the one by Trinity and other third-party UTV parts providers, stay driven and back yourself up with a new drive belt for your Polaris Sportsman!

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