Radio / Radio Kits

No UTV setup is complete without a radio. And we're not talking stereos, but rather communication radios for the Polaris ACE. Radios are particularly important for ACE riders who ride alone. Should one encounter trouble, be it an accident or a broken part, having the ability to signal for help can be literally life saving. And the best way to do this is with a communication radio or UTV radio kit. Unlike cell phones which can lose signal and don't work outside of the standard service range, radios use shortwave electromagnetic signals to transmit data. Should you bust a differential on a rock, smack a tree, or roll your ACE, you can contact nearby forest service workers, firefighters, EMPs, or anyone else with a radio in your vicinity. Even if you're not in an emergency situation, radios are great for bike-to-bike communications. As a lone ranger in your ACE, riding with a crew can bring that social interaction for a fulfilling ride. So leave that can and string behind and don't lose your voice shouting over the noise of loud engines and exhausts. Get yourself a Polaris ACE radio as the best way to communicate in your UTV.

UHF radios that transmit on ultra high frequencies are great, and so too are VHF radios that transmit on very high frequencies. Get the best of both worlds, however, with a dual-band radio that can send and receive both frequency lengths. Two-way radios with push-to-talk buttons make for an orderly way to communicate, and portable walkie-talkies are popular as they can be used on rides where they're needed, and left at the house or in the truck on rides where they're not. And with our selection of Polaris ACE radio mounts, you can keep your cockpit tidy and clean with room for your other side-by-side accessories. For the best UTV radios and Polaris ACE radio kits, Everything Polaris RZR carries the exact unit to meet all your preferences!

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