When it comes to communication accessories for the Polaris ACE, few do it better than Everything Polaris RZR. We’ve got complete kits with radios, receivers, headsets, earbuds, and mounting solutions, as well as other intercom accessories, single person race systems, and multi-person communications units. Whatever you decide to go with for your Polaris ACE, know that we stand behind our communication products and are here to help. Many riders would consider themselves competent with regards to wiring wiring. But even those who have installed several CBs, 2 way radios (be it a Kenwoods, Rugged, what have you) and Stereos (both in ATV/UTV and regular vehicles) can still run into issues with the ACE and two-way radios. We’ve heard of people installing two-way radios, and when they try to transmit, the radio acts like the stereo is being shut off and restarted. This could be because the 12 volt plug, which can be solved by wiring off the power block under the front storage. If issues still arise, you can put a 25watt radio in to check the two-way radio, make sure everything has good connections and fuses, or simply run your radio directly to the machine’s battery. Make sure both the mic and stereo on your radio are functional, as these can often cause problems when things are off.

Many riders like to use relays instead of timing their communications directly into the battery. This is a smart way to do it as not everyone remembers to turn their equipment off all the time when they turn their UTVs off. Alternatively, many communication devices for the Polaris ACE are programable, making it possible to program them to shut off after 20 minutes or so of non mic use. Be it a CB radio, a HAM radio, or any other type of communication accessory for a side-by-side, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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Gone are the days of trying to use hand signals to get the attention of your fellow drivers. Or even worse, getting hoarse, trying to yell out at them and not being heard. Now you can hear and be heard with a communications system from Everything Polaris RZR. We know just how frustrating it can be and the drama it can cause when you have something to communicate but no one understands what you are saying because it is just too loud out on the course as you race your Polaris ACE.

Maybe you only need something small like a handheld walkie talkie or a portable headset. We have those in spades from Rugged Radios, a company that has become a leading innovator in UTV audio and communication solutions. You will be easily able to let your buddies know they are going down, or it is time to pull off and grab a cold one out of the cooler.

Perhaps you want a more permanent option for your Polaris ACE. Rugged Radios has manufactured a complete line up of full system kits specifically for your vehicle. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed. You will be able to communicate with the wife, the kids, the competition, or all at once if you wanted to. And what’s best of all – you will be able to hear every word!

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