Race Air Pumper System

You use a UTV particle separator for the intake of your Polaris ACE, so why wouldn't you use a similar accessory for yourself? Just like your engine, your lungs don't perform well full of grit, dirt, and debris. Furthermore, glasses and goggles can only do so much to keep dust out of your eyes. So if you find yourself riding dusty tracks or trails, consider installing a race air pumper system in your Polaris ACE. You might be thinking that fresh air pumper systems are a pain to install. However the contrary proves to be correct. All you need is an air pumper unit, some expandable pumper hoses, the appropriate hose hangers, and an air pumper helmet. Add a sand skirt to protect your neck for chafing and even the finest desert sand in a gale-force windstorm won't ruin your day.

Most UTV air pumper systems are made for at least two riders. But with a pumper cap that goes over one of the outlets on your air pumper, you can use any air pumper for your single-seat Polaris ACE. And to control the amount of fresh air that flows to your helmet, we have variable speed controllers as well as waterproof rocker switches that you can use to turn your air pumper on and off. Using advanced filters to trap particles of every size, the race air pumper systems here at Everything Polaris RZR provide super fresh air free of dust, exhaust fumes, and other airborne particulate. So if you're tired of enduring a stifling helmet and sick of guzzling dust, get yourself an air pumper system for your ACE and suffer no more. Use it during a race or use it for comfort when hitting the trails. No matter what you use it for, you surely won't regret installing a fresh air system in your ACE!

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