Offroad Short Course

If you're racing in the EFI class with your Polaris ACE or riding a modified ACE in a different racing category, for Offroad short course communication systems, we've got you covered here at Everything Polaris RZR. Whether you're racing Offroad, on sand, or acting as your teams prerunner to test out a track, spotters, crew chiefs, and drivers alike will all benefit from a Polaris ACE Offroad short course comm system. You can go far on sheer driving skill, and a properly running ACE will send you even higher in the rankings. But if you want to top the leaderboard and bring home the gold, excellent communication is compulsory. This is why top-tier racers always have communication system setups. We offer dual-band Offroad short course communication systems and units with 16-channel radios with programmable functionality. Use them on the oval or use them on the Offroad short course, they're sure to provide crystal clear audio communications regardless of the track.

On the driver's side, the Offroad short course ACE communication system is equipped with earbuds, and a microphone as well as a car harness, a radio, and a jumper cable. You can also choose between systems with push-to-talk buttons or simple receiver-only systems -- the latter providing the driver with the ability to listen but not talk. Regardless of why you race or where you race, an Offroad short course comm unit can be the difference between medaling and coming in unplaced. Get a complete kit or mix and match various components to build one of your very own from the ground up. Whether you're a professional racer with decades of experience or an amateur rider who just got on the circuit, an ambitious ACE racer should never ride without a quality communication device. And where communication devices are concerned, there is no better than an Offroad short course system.

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