If you take your ACE to the absolute limits, chances are you wear a helmet when you ride. And if you like listening to music while you rip it up, helmets as well as the noise from the engine tend to overpower even the loudest stereos and speaker setups. This is why many ACE owners choose to wear helmets with built in audio equipment. Using bluetooth that enables them to connect to your phone, MP3 player, or other music storing device, audio helmets use built-in speakers to pipe unadulterated sound directly to your ears. Because the in-helmet speakers are literally right next to your ears, they can easily drown out the other noises coming from your ACE. And because the audio gear is inside your helmet, you won't have to worry about your heavily insulated helmet blocking the sound waves. Bluetooth helmets are the ultimate UTV accessory for those who like to ride hard to the beat of their own drum.

Helmets with built-in audio are not exclusively for playing music either. Yes you can pair them with your phone and make calls with bluetooth helmets that have built-in mics, but you can also sync them up with bluetooth-capable GPS units to get audible directions and navigation commands. ACE riders also commonly use bluetooth helmets in conjunction with other communication accessories. They work great with radios and intercoms, allowing riders to communicate with each other as well as others in the area. During races, communication helmets can be set to specific channels that let drivers communicate with and receive information from race organizers, team members, and pit crews. No matter if you want a bluetooth helmet for racing, for talking with your friends, or just to blast beats when you're in nature, our selection of Polaris ACE helmets with built-in audio systems won't let you down.

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