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Helmet Kits

Whether you're sporting a shorty helmet, a full-face MX helmet from your old dirt bike racing days days, or another type of off-road helmet with a neck brace to stabilize your head and take the strain off your neck as you ride your ACE, almost any helmet can be retrofitted with an audio communication kit. Helmets with built-in speakers and microphones can be expensive. And if you already have a helmet laying around, you may not have the need to pop on a brand new one. This is where helmet kits come into play. With mono or stereo helmet speakers that slide right into the helmet you already own, you'll be able to direct sound waves right to your ears. Get a kit with a mic and you'll be able to send and receive voice communications. Use an audio helmet kit to play some classical music on a leisurely stroll, or blast some heavy metal when you're putting the pedal to the metal. Attach a helmet kit to a radio or intercom and you can talk with your friends at a distance or without having to lift your helmet's visor. Providing clear sound being easy-to-install, how could you resist outfitting your helmet with an audio kit.

Some of the helmet kits we offer use helmet speakers, while others use Gell ear pods. Some use 3mm ear bud jacks to connect to your ACEs communication and audio systems, while others connect wirelessly via bluetooth. Velcro a kit into your helmet when you need it, then take it out when you don't. If you're feeling lonely in your ACE and like to chat while you ride, we've got a helmet kit for you. If you like to focus on the road, tune out, and lose yourself in melodic thought, we have a helmet kit for your style of riding as well. It doesn't matter what you want to do with an in-helmet audio communication unit, we here at Everything Polaris RZR have what it takes to satisfy your needs. Get yours now and begin your experience in sound and communication today!
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