GPS Units

Whether you're riding the dusty dunes of the arid southwest or the windy cheese trails of the greater Wisconsin area, no Polaris ACE setup is complete without a Global Positioning System (GPS). Be it a Leica Geosystem that operates on the Global Navigation Satellite System for all the European ACE owners, a Garmin radio-navigational GPS with preloaded or programmable trail maps, or any number of shortwave antennas and satellite receivers, we've got the navigational gadgets for you and your Polaris ACE. When you're in the boonies, using your cell phone to navigate is often impracticable due to a lack of mobile service. And while paper maps are alright to an extent, they become obsolete rather quickly when trail systems are modified or new trails are opened up. Thus, the best way to navigate in your Polaris ACE is with a GPS.

Not all GPS units are created equally, however. Car GPS units will work on gravel roads and other paved byways, but on the trails they just don't cut it. Offline phone apps do alright on trails, but they seldom include a lot of the information and applications that many riders are looking for in their GPS units. For example, many of the newer UTV-specific GPS units can track your rides and track data such as speeds, distance traveled, altitude, and more. This data can then be used to adjust and optimize various components such as the ECU, injectors, exhaust, and speedometer. Even if you never use your ACE outside of a racetrack, a GPS is sure to help on the performance side of things. And if you are one of the avid explorers who goes on extended journeys, you'll love the benefits that a GPS brings to your rides. Yes you'll never get lost, but you can also drop a pin on that great fishing hole you found, mark that spot where you saw a moose to come back and check during shed-hunting season, or track your route so you can go a different way next time. Without a doubt, there is far more than meets the eye to a Polaris ACE GPS unit!

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