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Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

If you wear a helmet when you ride your Polaris ACE, you've likely noticed that regular headphones just don't cut it. They don't fit right, they don't sound right, and they're just downright uncomfortable (if they fit at all). So if you're looking for earbuds that work with helmets or helmet speakers to use while you're riding, you've come to the right place. It doesn't matter if you're using them to play music, linking them to your communication system to chat with your crew, or even listening to audiobooks or podcasts to refine your mind as you ride, the earbuds and helmet speakers you'll find here are of the cream of the crop. Yes they emit tones in both the high, medium, and low ranges with both bass and treble of the highest fidelity. But more importantly, they are comfortable to wear and can be used all day long without causing any chafing or irritability in or around the ear. Lock the volume adjuster so it doesn't change while jostling around in your pocket, or get some earbuds or helmet speakers that are voice activated to control with your words. We have wireless options as well as wired ones, and offer something for any budget. When it comes to earbuds and helmet speakers for use in a Polaris ACE, you name it and we've likely got it.

We have custom molded and semi-custom earbuds for those with uniquely-shaped ear canals, as well as inexpensive foam earbuds that you can affordably swap out and replace periodically for those with excessive ear wax. Where helmet speakers are concerned, we've got both mono and stereo helmet speakers to provide you with flawless audio as you ride. And if you've modified your ACE with a loud aftermarket exhaust, noise canceling devices can be used to cancel out unwanted sound waves. If you don't find your ACE noises to be soothing or want to stay connected with your riding buddies, earbuds or helmet speakers are the solution for you!
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