Top 3 Gun Racks For The Polaris RZR

Mar 24th 2019

Polaris RZR Gun Racks: Top 3 Ways To Mount Your Firearms

While most hunters who buy a UTV exclusively to hunt go with a more utility-focused machine, many Polaris RZR owners use their rigs when hunting. And whether you pack a glock for emergency situations or a rifle for big-game hunting, keeping your firearms safe, protected, and out of the way yet easily accessible is always important when riding. Sometimes, tucking your gun between the seat and center console just doesn’t cut it.

And while some RZR marksmen choose to keep their firearms in the cab with the barrel on the floor and the action against the seat, there are better ways to tote your guns for quick access on the trail -- that way, when you see something good to eat like a coon, possum, or squirrel crossing the road, you can cut hard to the left, make a quick shot out the passenger side, and be cooking some greasy coon over a bonfire in no time.

All jokes aside, here are our top 3 picks for Polaris RZR gun racks, because the last thing you need when you’re packing heat is to have your guns rattling around, getting damaged, or god forbid going off unintentionally.   

Great Day’s Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Rack

The Quick-Draw Overhead RZR Gun Rack by the UTV experts at Great Day is the perfect way to safely keep your firearms at your fingertips. The Quick-Draw rack can secure up to two guns using its super soft rubber gun clips, and it is available in three different models. It is also designed with a unique mounting system that requires no drilling or bolting. Simply spin the tightening nuts, strap down the barrel, lock the stock, and you're ready to rock. The fasteners can be undone in a matter of seconds, so when you see that perfect buck, you’ll have him between your crosshairs in no time at all.

For all the parents out there, this is a particularly useful RZR gun rack to keep your weapons out of reach. However, it may not work with banana clips or large magazines -- 10 rounders work, but it gets a bit iffy when you get up to 30-round mags. We suggest to keep the mag on the dash or in the glove box and insert it after you remove your gun from the rack.

Kolpin Powersports’ Polaris RZR Gun Mount

Similar to the Quick-Draw gun rack, Kolpin’s RZR Gun Mount is easy to install and remove, and it holds up to two rifles safely and securely. Unlike the Quick-Draw rack, however, Kolpin’s gun holder doesn’t affix your firearms overhead, but rather, in the center console or the rear cargo bed. It doesn’t matter if you’re going duck hunting with a 20-gauge pump action shotgun or elk hunting with a 30-30 Winchester rifle, this gun mount can hold down virtually any caliber firearm. And because it holds your guns vertically within the cab of the RZR, RZR Pro, or RZR Turbo, they'll be better protected from the elements!

Kolpin’s Stronghold Double Boot Mount

The Stronghold Double Boot Mount by Kolpin Powersports separates itself from the competition by being a fast and trustworthy way to hold gun scabbards and cases -- presumably with guns inside. Unlike the aforementioned RZR gun racks, the Stronghold Double Boot Mount is specifically made for the rear of the vehicle -- either in the bed or above the bed on the back of the cab. It uses a telescoping frame to fit a range of bed sizes between 41” and 55”, so whatever RZR model you have, this gun rack will fit nice and snug. And if you ever switch machines in the future or go hunting with a buddy, you can easily take it off and reinstall it on a different UTV in a matter of minutes.

Because this gun rack is made specifically for guns inside their cases, it works wonders against dust, fine powder, and sand. By leaving your guns in their cases and unloading them only when you reach the deer stand, duck pond, or final destination, you'll be able to avoid jamming, malfunctions, and other issues caused by dust and a lack of oil. While you should always have gun oil on hand for this very reason, you won't need it as often when you use a proper gun boot / case.

Bonus Gun Case

We can’t end our top 3 RZR gun rack article without touching on at least one gun case. And the top selling case at Everything Polaris RZR is QuadBossReflective Gun Scabbard. Strap it to the roll cage, affix it overhead in the cab, or cinch it down tight in the cargo bed, the versatility of this case makes it almost a rack in and of itself. Plus, it’s external pockets are super handy for holding ammunition, animal calls, and buck knives!