Top 3 Common Issues with the Polaris RZR

Jan 30th 2022

Most owners of the much loved and thoroughly enjoyed Polaris RZR can agree on one point: these UTVs are reliable.

But as we all know, especially when it comes to anything motor vehicle related, unexpected issues can still happen. Usually when we least expect it, and especially when it is the least convenient. The RZR is no exception to this rule, which is why we wanted to help prepare you for what may happen, and cover some of the most common issues we’ve found with the Polaris RZR.

Sound good? Then let's dive right in!

Dead Polaris RZR Batteries

While scouring the RZR forums online, you may be surprised to find out just how many owners suffer from a dead Polaris RZR battery.

Causes can be plentiful, ranging from extreme temperatures to incorrectly installed wiring that causes a constant drain on the battery. But one of the most common causes of a dead battery seems to be auxiliary aftermarket accessories.

Wincheslight bars, stereo systemsrefrigerated coolers and the like all require a decent amount of power to run. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the single battery that comes in your RZR is usually nowhere near enough to run everything at once. This can easily lead you to the discovery of your battery being DOA when you try to start up the UTV when its time to head home for the day.

Embarrassing, right?

Thankfully there is an extremely easy mod you can do to avoid this in the first place: install a Polaris RZR Dual Battery Kit. With this setup, your auxiliary accessories run off of the second battery, while your primary battery is reserved for ensuring the side-by-side starts up reliably day in and day out.

Problem (preemptively) solved!

Polaris RZR Axle and Suspension Issues

A second common gripe from owners seems to come from the stock Polaris RZR Axles and Suspension. But more interestingly, in many cases, the issues also seem to stem from abuse of the aforementioned parts.

Although the Polaris RZR can handily take any trail and terrain you throw at it, over time the more extreme terrain can really take its toll. The huge potholes on unmaintained back roads can wear down the stock shocks quicker than you think. And launching the UTV off of jumps every weekend can surely result in more wear and tear on your shocks, but may even end in disaster with a broken axle.

Both of these scenarios will eventually lead to maintenance needs.

Polaris RZR axles are readily available, thankfully, as are Polaris RZR shocks. Even better, is the fact that just about any replacement set you buy is going to be a stronger, heavier duty swap that will add up to a better ride that lasts longer with the kind of abuse you love to put your side-by-side through!

Engine Misfires In The Polaris RZR

Anyone who has had their Polaris RZR check engine light come on, only to find out that a cylinder is misfiring in the engine will know the frustration all too well.

Aside from catastrophic damage, however, some causes of a misfiring engine can be rather simple.

Polaris RZR spark plugs, for example, tend to be a top culprit. Sometimes they’re coated in so much gunk they can’t do their job. Other times the spark plug becomes corroded or has broken completely. We’ve even seen plenty of faulty spark plug cables, damaged cable boots and even a few tree branches that have impaled the engine bay and torn a cable off completely.

The good news?

All of these are fixable issues, unless some other major damage has happened as a result.

The Most Common Polaris RZR Issue

After searching for longer than I’d care to admit, I noticed one issue with the Polaris RZR that comes up over, and over again:


Stick with me now… I mean no disrespect, but you really are the problem in many cases!

Not that you are purposefully damaging or sabotaging your beloved Polaris RZR, I don’t think anyone is that much of a masochist. But what can tend to happen to so many owners, is neglect.

Whether it is something obvious such as forgetting to change your Polaris RZR oil, which you would think is the easiest one to remember, or expecting the stock suspension to survive 10+ years of you beating it into the ground on every trail, neglect adds up.

Simple fixes?

Pick up a Polaris Ranger oil change kit and…. change your oil! Have your springs and shocks checked, or let your aching back tell you when it is time to replace them. Whatever you do, try not to let these issues boil over and leave you stranded next time you take your Polaris RZR overlanding and camping, okay?

One of the best parts about being a Polaris RZR owner, is just how customizable it really is. There are aftermarket replacement parts for just about everything on the RZR, and in most cases these parts will actually improve your experience and even prevent future troubles!