Tires Are Tires, Right?

Dec 14th 2020

We know, we know – everyone wants to look cool. And while aesthetics absolutely are an important part of the UTV riding experience, when it comes to tires, performance is first. With a selection as big as ours, however, one could get vertigo just from scrolling frantically all the way through. That’s why it’s important to have filters when you’re searching for Polaris Rzr tires – both in your mind and within our catalog. What we mean is, the best way to select a Polaris Rzr tire set from Everything Polaris Rzr is to first consider how and where you will be using these bad boys. Even the highest-quality tires will still fall short in terms of power transfer efficiency if they’re used in the wrong environment. In that spirit, we’ve decided to roll out some of our favorites from different usage categories (mud, sand, all-around, and DOT-rated) to help you with this important decision.


Some riders are tourists when it comes to the mud patch, and some UTV nuts live there. If you do find yourself frequently entrenched in sloppy muck, then it might be time to consider a set of mud tires. If that’s your aim, then we can’t tout this Polaris RZR Mudzilla 6-Ply Tire by Maxxis enough. Built with huge tread bars and a mud-specific pattern, these hearty companions will have you double-taking to make sure you’re still in the mud because they perform that well. As with most of our Polaris Rzr tire sets designed for harsh conditions, these 6-ply workhorses come with rim guards to keep that wheel safe. They’re tough, made for mud, and a great value to boot.


Nothing deflates a day of dune-dashing like the wrong set of tires. You may be able to get away with a jaunt or two in the mud with an all-purpose set, but sand is a different beast altogether. Never fear, we have plenty of options for riders who love to play in the sand, like these Polaris RZR 14-Inch EFX Sand Slinger High Performance 4-Ply Tires by EFX Performance Tires. Designed for superior float, optimal grip in the sand, and as always, unparalleled durability, these Polaris RZR sand tires will redefine what your ride can do atop the dunes.


Of course, many of us ATV enthusiasts don’t have the luxury of specializing in just one type of riding. Whether it’s the environment you ride in, the type of work you do, or both that is taking you through all kinds of diverse terrain, you might need a Polaris Rzr tire set that can handle a little bit of everything. For this scenario, we’ve got industry-leading solutions like these Polaris RZR Switchback Tires by Moose always on hand. These all-purpose tires come in 6- or 8-ply, and they’re made with a versatile tread pattern as well as an extra-wide footprint to provide superior traction and stability in any situation.


Finally, if it’s street legal status that you’re after, you will likely have to get a set of DOT-rated tires (it depends on local jurisdiction requirements, but tires are often included). If that’s the case, these Polaris RZR Gripper RT 10-Ply Radial Tires by Fuel Off-Road will do much more than simply check the box. With superior tread design, durability, and wheel protection capabilities, these DOT-rated studs just might become your favorite, regardless of requirements. Did we mention they look amazing?

Terrain isn’t the only factor in determining which type of tire you should go with, but it’s definitely up there. Of course, overall durability and value also matter a great deal, but thankfully, we don’t feature a tire of any type unless it already checks those boxes. So, set your filter for terrain and shop in confidence knowing you’re getting top-tier tires of all kinds at Everything Polaris Rzr, because if it’s not at that level, we don’t have it!