​The Top Polaris RZR Dog Accessories To Pamper Your Pooch During Rides

Sep 15th 2021

Ripping it up solo in a Polaris RZR, Polaris RZR XP, or Polaris RZR Turbo is fun in and of itself; but a lot of riders enjoy sharing their riding experience with friends and family. And for most folks, pets are considered part of the family. Although some dogs are terrified of loud exhausts and performance-grade engines, a majority of canines love riding in Razors. The sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors are enthralling for dogs both young and old, and their contagious excitement makes riding with them that much more enjoyable. Bird dogs, chase dogs, and flushing dogs are often used by RZR owners when hunting, and no overnight outing would be complete without the family pooch present. But regardless of the activities you do and no matter the breed of your purebred or mutt, don’t embark on a side-by-side journey without the appropriate Polaris RZR dog accessories. From Polaris RZR dog carrier and dog boxes to Polaris RZR dog seats and dog harness, here are the top Polaris RZR dog accessories to ensure that your pupper remains safe, secure, and comfortable while riding in a Razor!

Polaris RZR Dog Carriers And Polaris RZR Dog Seats

Some dogs ride just fine in the cargo bed of the Polaris RZR, while others are a little more high-maintenance, requiring things like Polaris RZR dog seats. Athletic dogs can easily jump from the vehicle, and if they have yet to be trained in the art of off-roading, they’ll likely make a break for it when an opportune moment arises. As such, some riders let their dogs chill in the cockpit of their Razors. Accessories like the front dog carrier by Top Paw are great for those with two-door RZRs like the RZR 900 or Polaris RZR Trail 570. It uses two waist straps that you can wrap under the lower cross bar, and an upper strap -- designed to go around the user's neck -- that you can connect to the roof. In this way, your dog can sit comfortably by your side whether you've got a human passenger or not!

If you’ve got a 4-door RZR, accessories such as back seat conversion kits / dog seats by firms like Tusk and SSS Off-Road are super convenient and excellent for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Some rear dog seats for the Polaris RZR come with extra bases that install into the factory seat mounts, while others utilize the stock Polaris RZR seat bases. Tusk’s back seat cargo rack conversion kit comes with slots and tie-down points, which is perfect for cargo, but does allow small items to fall through when used as a dog seat. Further, some rear seat conversion platforms are topped with slick materials that can make it hard for your dog to maintain traction. With a little Hydro-Turf, SeaDek, marine flooring, or something similar, you can make almost any backseat RZR cargo rack suitable for dogs!

Polaris RZR Dog Seat Belts

A lot of dogs will have zero problems riding on a bench seat, while others will fare better on bucket seat or mini bucket seat. Still other dogs might require a Polaris RZR dog seat belt, a dog harness, or a dog leash of some kind to prevent them from falling / jumping off while the machine is in motion. It’s always best to take it easy with a dog on board, and you can always let them out to follow on foot if you encounter gnarly terrain that presents a rollover risk.

Some riders put harnesses on their dogs that clip to the cage near the seatbelt anchor on the vehicle’s ROPS, but you can also feed a standard leash through the loop / handle of the harness pass-through, then clip it to the dog’s collar / tactical vest. In this way, if you ever need to make a quick getaway, all you have to do is unclip the harness!

Seat belts, restraints, and harnesses are great if your dog is clumsy or a flight risk, but tying your dog to the vehicle does pose risks. If a dog is strapped in, it won’t be able to evacuate the UTV if an accident or rollover were to occur. Instead of being able to bail out, a dog wearing a seat belt or restraint will be trapped inside the cabin during a crash. Worse still, if the animal is tightly tied on a line with too much slack, it could potentially jump out the side and get caught under the vehicle's tires. On the other hand, if you’ve got a big ol’ doggy like a Cane Corso, it might have to be tethered in order to prevent a wreck. Most dogs, however, like having the freedom to bounce around the cockpit, and some even spend a good deal of time on the dash like a hood ornament. There are instances when Polaris RZR dog seat belts / harnesses are a good idea, and other instances when they should be eschewed.

Other Polaris RZR Dog Accessories

Using things like goggles and safety vests will protect your pup from harm on the trail, but how can you protect your Razor against harm from your dog? The aforementioned dog seats are good for this, but even accessories like Polaris RZR seat covers can work to prevent interior damage. Depending on the breed, letting your dog ride on the seats is like having a mechanic riding shotgun with a screwdriver in their pocket. So if you want some Polaris RZR seat covers that are impervious to dog claws, products by companies like Quad Logic, Moose, and Greene Mountain Outdoors will serve you well!

Closing Thoughts

Whether your wiley friend needs a nonslip pad, a seat belt clip, and a military-style vest with both mobile loops and drag loops to stay put, or if all your dog requires is a beanbag on the floor to get by, you can find the accessories your pooch needs to stay happy and healthy on the trail here at Everything Polaris RZR. Backseat platforms that cover the top of the gas tank and elevate the footwell area will give your dog a decent-sized flat area on which to sit or lay, but stock seats with seat covers can also work depending on your dog’s size and disposition. Be it for camping, hunting, or outings around your property, you won’t be disappointed with your dog-related Polaris RZR accessories so long as you buy them from Everything Polaris RZR!