The Flip Side of Fun: Let’s Talk Polaris RZR Maintenance

Jul 30th 2020

It’s a pleasant delusion we all love to entertain when we’re bouncing along the trail or skating across the dunes – I don’t need to take her into the garage, she’s running just fine! 

Well, if you wait until something falls off on your Polaris RZR before you attempt any maintenance, then we’ve got a problem. Yes, we’d all rather be out there in the sun than in the garage tinkering, but with the right practices and gear by your side, you can make Polaris RZR maintenance a virtually painless task. We’ll break down our top maintenance tips by gear type. Here we go!

Fluids – It may sound like Polaris RZR maintenance 101, but regular oil changes are absolutely essential when it comes to preventing dips in performance and premature wear. That’s why we always keep our Polaris RZR Oil Change Kit by Kolpin in stock. The same goes for all other fluids relevant to regular operation of your vehicle, of course, including coolant. If you’re noticing some gel-like material forming in your coolant, then you’re due to change it out. 

Bearings and Joints – Keep your bearings and joints well lubricated, and they will repay you tenfold with an extended life of smooth performance. The list of “usual suspects” in terms of items in this department that wear the fastest include the joints themselves, bearings, and bushings. Inspecting this hardware on a regular basis is sure to pay off in performance. If you do happen to lose a bearing, or if you just want to take it to the next level, check out these Polaris RZR 570 Rear Wheel Bearings by Quad Logic.  

Tires – A kick here and an eyeballing there may suffice for a regular automobile, but the high demands placed on the Polaris RZR require more active maintenance when it comes to tires. In other words, check the air pressure regularly. The earlier you can catch a problem with your tires or CV boots, the cheaper it will be to fix. Looking for a tire that will look tough and perform even tougher? Then we’ve got a seriously studly set for you by Stiand Maxxis.  

Filters – Never has there been a greater contrast between Polaris RZR maintenance and regular vehicle maintenance than in the case of the air filter. As a fact of life, your UTV filter will get much dirtier, much faster than your conventional vehicle. This means more frequent checking to avoid performance drops. High-quality hardware never hurts in this department, either. Flimsy and conventional filters simply won’t do if you’re on the dunes, which is why we highly recommend this Polaris RZR 1000 Air Filter by Quad Logic. 

Brakes – It’s obviously difficult to overstate the importance of properly functioning brakes, in Polaris RZR maintenance and all other vehicles. Set some time aside to inspect how thick that pad is, and don’t forget to inspect the lines and fluid as well. Even if you rode recently, it will just take a second or two to do a quick brake check before you start really pushing the pedal down.

The more frequently you take these steps, the less total time you will spend dealing with Polaris RZR maintenance issues. It sounds like a paradox at first, but think about it. What takes longer to deal with: a small repair or a full replacement?