The Best Polaris RZR Accessories For Wintertime Riding

Sep 29th 2020

Most Polaris RZR owners come out to play during the warmer spring, summer, and fall seasons. However winter riding is not only possible but both fun and practical as well. While some riders use the Polaris RZR to plow snow or access their cabin during winter, others simply enjoy getting out and tearing up the snow-packed trails. But regardless of whether you’re wanting to conduct work or organize recreational rides during winter, a few key accessories can go a long way in making your cold-weather rides more efficient and enjoyable. So here they are, the best Polaris RZR accessories for winter riding! 

Accessories For Staying Warm In The Polaris RZR

An obvious Polaris RZR accessory for wintertime riding is a heater unit. Not only will the Inferno, Firestorm, and other Polaris RZR heaters help to keep you nice and toasty, but with features like upward-facing defroster vents, they’ll also ensure that your visibility isn’t impeded if you’re using a full front windshield. Speaking of windshields, not all Polaris RZR windshields are made to handle the cold.

For wintertime situations, half windshields are out of the question. To prevent your face from freezing, a full windshield is essential. In terms of insulation, glass Polaris RZR windshields are much better at trapping in heat than polycarbonate windshields. Plus, with a glass windshield, you can run hand-operated or electric windshield wipers to clear snow from your field of view without having to worry about scratches or scrapes. 

In a similar vein, full Polaris RZR cab enclosures are also great for winter riding. If you’ve got the four-door RZR, your backseat passengers may not benefit as much from a front-only UTV heating unit. And even with your heater at full blast, without a complete cab enclosure system, the heat generated dissipates almost instantaneously — especially when temperatures dip below zero. 

If you’ve got the money, accessories like heated seats or heated steering wheels can add an element of luxury to your ride. But even without such creature comforts, with a Polaris RZR heater, a full cab enclosure, and a cab enclosure seal kit to make your cabin airtight, you’ll be sitting comfortably in your rig during the coldest of winter days!

Maintaining Traction On Ice And Snow

For RZR owners that are serious about wintertime riding, Polaris RZR tracks are an option. In order to run snow tracks properly, however, gear reductions should be installed. But even without tracks, you can still get phenomenal traction on the ice and snow with Polaris RZR snow tires. 

Extra-wide tires like the Wite Out set by Pro Armor are great for snow riding, but they’re a bit heavy (which can be hard on your driveline) and pretty expensive (which can be hard on your wallet). If you ride primarily in deep and fluffy snow, some extreme mud tires with deep and aggressive tread patterns will suit you well. And for hard-packed roads or icy trails, some Firestone Winterforce car tires or winter LT tires will work on the RZR, RZR 4, and RZR Turbo. If, however, you want to stick with your stock tires or if you can’t afford to upgrade tires, some chains can be used to give your rig more traction on ice and snow.

Accessories For Riding Deep Snow

Your best bet for deep snow riding is to install Polaris RZR tracks. However, things like high-clearance a-arms and lift kits will not only allow you to run bigger tires, but also prevent you from becoming high centered. Snorkel kits are also smart to have when riding powder. Snow can get into your air box, intakes, and other components pretty easily after a fresh dump. And when it turns into water after melting, snow can cause serious harm to your RZR’s internals. Accordingly, Polaris RZR snorkels are advised for those who rip hard in the deep stuff.

Polaris RZR Ice Fishing Accessories

A popular hobby of many wintertime RZR riders is ice fishing. To carry pop-up ice fishing huts, ice augers, and fishing poles, RZR storage racks or bed extenders are almost obligatory. Alternatively, a simple Polaris RZR hitch and ball setup can be used to pull ski-mounted trailers as well as decked-out ice fishing huts. 

Snow Wheeling On Snowmobile Trails

Many trail systems in the US are open during the winter, and snowmobile clubs / associations have worked for years to lobby for and develop wintertime trails. Many of these groomed trail systems, however, don’t permit ORVs like the Polaris RZR. Mixed-use winter trails exist, but when you take a wheeled vehicle on snowmobile-only trails, you’ll not only cause damage to the snowpack — creating deep ruts that are extremely hazardous to other drivers — but you could also be fined for doing so.

Closing Thoughts

Having a vehicle like the Polaris RZR that can be used year-round is great. You can use them to access remote areas for hunting and fishing, use them to plow snow, or use them for the pure enjoyment of riding. But before you go out on a mid-December ride, make sure your rig is equipped with all the wintertime accessories to make it both safe and enjoyable!