Rough Country’s Top 3 Best-Selling Polaris RZR Accessories

Oct 29th 2020

Trusting the marketing team of a company is one thing. But when it comes to aftermarket accessories for the Polaris RZR, it’s much better to get your information from actual riders. And while we could spout praises and platitudes about the off-road firm Rough Country all day long, we will instead pass along our insider information about the popularity of their products. We do live in a democracy after all, and what’s more democratic than allowing people to vote with their hard-earned dollars. 

Take what you read at face value, and place your trust in the experiences of riders who have put the various accessories by Rough Country to the test in real-life situations. In some cases, groupthink and herd mentality can adversely affect the sense making apparatus of populations. But in other cases, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the crowd can lead to maximum benefits for all. So, based on our metrics, here are the top three most popular Rough Country-Branded Polaris RZR accessories.

Number 1: Rough Country’s Polaris RZR 4,500 Lb Electric Winch

Although racers often steer clear of winches due to weight reasons, almost all trail riders use Polaris RZR winches in some form or another. And this is one of the reasons why Rough Country’s 4,500 Lb Polaris RZR winch is so popular. Their waterproof UTV winch is compatible with synthetic winch lines, which not only have an optimized strength-to-weight ratio, but also don’t rust or corrode like steel winch lines do. The powerful 1.4 horsepower motor within the Rough Country’s 4,500 Lb winch may not seem like a lot, but when coupled with the winch’s 166:1 gear reduction ratio and differential planetary gear train, the end result is a winch that can power through the toughest of situations to come out the other end victorious! 

Compared to other Polaris RZR winches of similar size and quality, Rough Country’s 4,500 Lb electric winch is competitively priced, easy to install, and extremely long-lasting. You can use it to recover your bike from over four feet of peanut-butter mud in the morning, then use it to lift your machine so you can wash underneath it when you get back home. And  because the winch comes with a clevis hook, a hawse fairlead, and all the requisite hardware and wire harnesses, all you need is a mount and you’re good to go! 

Number 2: Rough Country’s Whip Lights And Whip Light Mounts For The Polaris RZR

Safety is a high priority for most Polaris RZR owners. And to stay visible during night rides, a larger number of riders choose to install Rough Country’s LED whip lights. Like many whip light sets out there for the Polaris RZR, the 4-foot tall LED whips by Rough Country are waterproof, flexible, and dimmable as well. You can adjust the brightness level, but also the light pattern. If you’re feeling like some strobing effects, you can make it happen. Or if you’d rather have your whips fade, swirl, or flash in every color of the rainbow, the Rough Country whip lights allow for that as well.

The quick-release bases that are included with Rough Country’s whip light kits are one of the contributing factors that distinguishes them from the competition. If you’re storing your UTV in the garage over winter, hauling it across state lines in an enclosed trailer, or riding wooded trails with low-hanging branches, you can quickly and effortlessly remove the whip lights. Then, when you’re off to the dunes or a nearby ORV park, you can throw them back on just as easily. On the other hand, you can also fix your whips to the ROPS of your bike with Rough Country's whip light roll cage mounting kit!

Number 3: Rough Country’s Ultra-Wide Rear View Mirror For The Polaris RZR

Whether a rear-view mirror is required by law so that you can legally ride your Razor on public roads, or if you do a lot of reversing and need something for better rearward visibility, Rough Country’s rear-view Polaris RZR mirror has been chosen by riders as one of the company’s most popular RZR products. The curvature of Rough Country’s rear-view mirror is such that you can see at an extremely wide angle without the image being distorted. This is important for accurately estimating distances, where concave mirrors make objects appear further than they actually are. 

In addition to having a surface that reflects the real world in an accurate manner, the rear-view Polaris RZR mirror by Rough Country is also extremely robust, made with a reinforced face and a strong aluminum frame. Because of this, it doesn’t rattle, shake, or vibrate, nor does it bounce around after you set it to an angle that best suits your needs. 

Ending Thoughts

The point of branding is to give consumers reliable insight into a company before they pull the trigger on one of their products or services. And with nearly a half century of showing the world what they’re capable of, Rough Country has had ample time to prove themselves to even the harshest of critics. And although the list of accessories mentioned above are their best-selling products through Everything Polaris RZR, it should by no means detract from their other great Polaris RZR accessories. But you don’t have to trust us or even other riders. Try a Rough Country product on your rig and make the decision for yourself!