How To Soundproof Your Polaris RZR

May 2nd 2021

Some folks like their RZRs ear-piercingly loud, while others prefer a ride that is peaceful and silent. If you’re in the latter camp, there are several ways to achieve quiet tranquility when riding your Polaris RZR. Noise-canceling headphones are one option, or you could just blast your music at 110db to overwhelm the noise emanating from your side-by-side. Starting Line Products (SLP) make slip-on mufflers / silencers for some editions of the Polaris RZR, and the Cool Cab Kit by Wolfsnout is a great solution for both thermal and acoustic insulation. From Polaris RZR sound dampening sheets and acoustic materials to noise reduction kits for the Polaris RZR, RZR 4, and RZR Turbo, here is what you must know to soundproof your Polaris RZR! 

Polaris RZR Sound Deadening Products

The Polaris RZR is a noisy beast as is; but if you add things like Polaris RZR cab enclosure kits, aftermarket Polaris RZR exhausts, and Polaris RZR engine performance accessories, your Razor can become nearly deafening. So if you’re after a way to reduce the decibels in the cockpit, things like Butyl automotive sound deadeners and noise-absorbing foam dampeners are a great way to go about it.

Without any Polaris RZR noise deadeners, the average RZR driver will experience a loudness level of 80db when the machine is at idle -- with the back-seat riders experiencing 75 decibels. Near the floorboards, however, nearly 90db of sound is emitted from the Polaris RZR. Anything above 85db can be harmful to your ears, and the longer you expose yourself to loud noises, the greater the chances are that permanent hearing damage will occur. 

Products like the 80mil FatMat by Kilmat, the 70mil Rockmat by Rockville, and the various-sized heat, vibration, and noise dampeners by Dynamat are all solid options to decrease in-cab noise. You can place Polaris RZR sound deadening products in the center console, install them under the floor, or apply them to your whole Polaris RZR tub! And although some sound dampening materials are meant for metal surfaces, as long as you properly prep your plastics and give them a good wipe-down with alcohol -- as well as heat them up beforehand in the oven or with a blowtorch -- you should be good to go. 

Covering your battery box and fuel pump with acoustic foam is a good idea, and applying sound deadening material to your doors and roof will also help to mitigate both heat and noise. Add a rear window, some GBC Mongrels, as well as an exhaust silencer and you’ll be ready to start creeping around in near silence! 

Muffling The Polaris RZR

If it sounds like a group of pissed off Hondas Civics are chasing you down whenever you drive your Razor, a muffler or exhaust silencer will definitely help. Polaris RZR quiet cores are available from companies like Aftermarket Assassins and Empire Industries, while the electric cut-out exhaust by Evolution Powersports (EVO) offers the best of both worlds by giving you the option to open or close the straight-pipe “Captain’s Choice” exhaust via the flip of a switch. Additionally, HMF Racing also sells a Polaris RZR exhaust that is much quieter than the stock option, which enters in one header, elbows out and into another, then exits on the right side of the machine. If all else fails, you can always take your rig to a muffler shop and to get a supplemental muffler or spark arrestor clamped onto the stock exhaust to make it super quiet for hunting or riding in noise-restricted areas.

Final Comments

Be it Polaris RZR street tires for less rumble on the blacktop, Polaris RZR mufflers to reduce exhaust noise, or a Polaris RZR noise reduction kit to lessen the intensity of sound pressure in the cabin area, there are several ways to preserve your hearing and avoid harm to your inner ear by soundproofing your Polaris RZR! While ear muffs and ear plugs are nice to have in some situations, they can be annoying at best and completely distracting at worst when you’re behind the wheel. So if the loudness of your UTV has got you all hot and bothered, it’s high time you get up and do something about it!