Getting To Know Rough Country And Their Offerings For The Polaris RZR Lineup

Sep 14th 2020

As we endeavor to expand our ever-increasing lineup of reputable Polaris RZR accessory providers, we are proud to announce the addition of Rough Country to our roster. With a longstanding tradition of providing quality gear, upgrades, components, and kits for a wide variety of off-road vehicles, Rough Country’s RZR-specific accessories are among the best in the business. Their light bars are exceptionally powerful yet efficient, while their winch offerings for the Polaris RZR are top-of-the-line. Through competence, quality workmanship, and an unbridled sense of pride and enthusiasm, Rough Country is able to play in an entirely different league than many other side-by-side part providers. So let’s dig a little deeper and peel back the layers that make Rough Country the leading Powersports company that it is.

Rough Country Light Setups For The Polaris RZR

From lifestyle products to performance-grade accessories and upgrades, Rough Country’s offerings for the Polaris RZR, the RZR Turbo, and the RZR Pro truly run the gamut. And although many of their Polaris RZR lighting products will work equally well with other UTV brands as well as Jeeps, dune buggies, and pickup trucks, there is little doubt surrounding the efficacy of their off-road lighting solutions. 

For those looking to run Polaris RZR light bars, few options exist that can match the Rough Country units. Their low-profile, single-row light bar for the Polaris RZR mounts exceptionally well below the vehicle's roof, and it matches the RZR headlights to the letter with its black backing. Compared to other high-end light bars, the ones by Rough Country are far more affordable. And when you juxtapose their light output with run-of-the-mill double-row Amazon special light bars, the difference is undeniable. 

Rough Country offers light bars in multiple sizes, ranging from 8 inches to 50 inches. And like their light bars, the cube lights, headlights, and interior lights they offer are also superior in terms of aesthetics, performance, and build quality. If you want a front Polaris RZR grille with built-in LEDs, Rough Country makes them. Or if you’re after some Polaris RZR whip light mounts, Rough Country fabricates those as well.  

You can use their fasteners, bolts, screws, and brackets to fix a 30” Slimline light bar onto your Ram 2,500, move it to the front of your F250 a year later, then stick it on your RZR 1000 a year after that. And with solid daylight running lamps, you’ll be looking good and ready to ride in both the daytime and the night! 

Miscellaneous Rough Country Accessories For The Polaris RZR

Although Rough Country is more well known for their lights and suspension lifts, they also provide many ancillary side-by-side accessories for the Polaris RZR. Some of the RZR accessories they offer --  like wheel spacers, receiver hitches, bed tie-down kits, and rearview mirrors -- can also be used on other UTVs. However their RZR-specific frame stiffener gussets for the 2014-2021 Polaris RZR 1000 XP, their molded roofs for the 2015-2021 RZR 900 / 1000, and their full / half polycarbonate windshields for the RZR 900, 1000 S, and RZR Turbo are exclusive to the Polaris RZR line of sport side-by-sides. 

For storage, they have custom-fit Polaris RZR cargo boxes. And for wintertime riding, they’ve got hidden fan heaters that can produce up to 16,000 BTUs. Be it stiffer springs, stronger winches, or anything in between, when you buy from a company like Rough Country, you know that no corners were cut and nothing was overlooked.  

Final Thoughts

By leveraging their expertise in off-road vehicles across the board, Rough Country has been able to do for the Polaris RZR what other companies haven’t. They can draw from a deep knowledge base, convert this know-how into actionable manufacturing techniques, and then use these proprietary fabrication methods to deliver exceptional parts, products, and accessories for the Polaris RZR lineup. And for these reasons as well as many more, we are thrilled to be among the select group of retailers that help to bring Rough Country products to the world!