Fixing And Modifying Your RZR With The Right Tools

Jan 12th 2020

Most Polaris RZR owners have that since of rugged individualism that is common not only in the UTV world, but the broader power-sports scene in general. The yearning for freedom and independence that tempts people to buy Razor UTVs is the same characteristic that leads many RZR owners to do the lion’s share of their own UTV work and maintenance. This, however, requires further investment in tools and equipment. But if you’re in it for the long haul, getting the right tools and doing your own work pays off in spades. 

Quality Torx Sets And Allen Keys To Use On The Polaris RZR

A good Torx set will go a long way when modifying and repairing your Polaris RZR. While Snap-On and Craftsman Torx sets are among the more well-known tool brands, they aren’t necessarily the best. It’s definitely worth paying the extra money for a durable Torx set that will last, but just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean that it’s good. 

For both Allen and Torx bit sets, places like Napa, Home Depot with their Huskey brand, and Menards with their Masterforce brand offer lifetime warranties. However we’ve spoken to a few people who work at Polaris dealerships who swear by Cornwell Torx sets. After all, you’re not working on Tonka toys, and the larger Torx bits are going to get wrenched on pretty hard. 

Craftsman and Gearwrench sets are reasonably priced, and more than fine for hand tools as well as low torque ratchets — perfect for DIY settings. That being said, Mac tools and Bluepoint also come highly recommended. After all, it makes little sense paying $200+ for something that you’re not going to use daily or even weekly. At the same time, however, you don’t want something that’s going to bend, break, or strip. 

Bondhus makes arguably the best Torx sets according to our research, and the same goes for their Allen wrenches — whatever they are doing with the steel is spot on. We’ve talked to machinists who have tightened a lot of bolts to extremely tight torques — we’re talking 3’ Cheater pipe stuff — and have yet to break, strip, or round a Bondhus-made tool. 

Tools For Changing The Belt In The Polaris RZR

The RZR toolkit that came with your machine should have come with a belt-changing tool. However if you lost it or you bought your RZR used, replacement tools are available. For the Polaris RZR Turbo / S / RS1 in particular, changing the belt can be a bit tricky without the specialized tool. A 1/4x20 bolt will work like a charm. Get it in stainless so it doesn’t rust and you can even file the end down smooth so it doesn’t dig in. The 4” bolt is great but even a 3” bolt is plenty long. Just use a socket and you’re off to the races. 

Even if you still have the belt tool, if you took your machine to a mechanic who tapped it with a different thread pitch, you still might need to use a bolt to get it out as well as a clutch compressor tool. Just thread that bad boy into the secondary to change the belt. Why waste your money on some fancy tool when a simple and cheap solution works just as well. 

RZR Wheel Bearing Tools

A bearing separator tool set comes in handy when removing the hub bearings in the front differential. These can obviously be used to swap out wheel bearings, but they are also necessary for changing he sprague, armature and seals. Changing these components is important as it helps to prevent cracking — and thereby negating the need to open them up again at a later point. The stock sprague is a disaster waiting to happen. You’d amazed at how much it flexes by hand due to the ring design Polaris used to hold it together. 

Speaking of RZR wheel bearings, RZR bearing press tools like the one by Quad-Logic come in handy not only for replacing bearings, but pumping grease into them as well. If you don't pack grease in your new bearings before you put them in, then you might as well leave the old ones in and not change them at all. 

A lot of riders think that you should pump in grease until it starts to ooze out. But you have to be careful as you don’t want to bulge the seal. The amount pumps you should do will depend on your bearing type and even RZR model. Eight pumps will work for the 2018 turbo, wile some 800 RZR models might take 20 pumps. 

Holy Tools also makes a good greaser for Polaris RZR bearings, and people like them because they go over the axle and can be used with tier hub-holding tool for torquing the axle nut. The Tiger Tool Greaser is cheap and easy to use, but it only has one grease port, which means you have to move it a lot. Multiport greasers like the ones by Two Guys make things easier, but they’re not required by any means. At the end of the day, buy the bearing greaser that you like and keep your bearings greased. You’re still going have to replace bearings because big tires and constantly bouncing off things is hard on bearings. But not greasing your bearings makes it worse. 

Closing Thoughts

From plastic body rivet pliers to Torx bits, breaker bars, and spider shaft nut sockets, there are few things more satisfying than working on your own machine. Ripping your RZR is fun no doubt, but if you were the one who personally modified it, every ride is that much more fulfilling. So fill that tool box and keep doing what you love both on the trail and in the shop!