Fixing and Modifying the Electrical System in Your Polaris RZR

Feb 28th 2022

When researching the Polaris RZR, one major system seems to be left out with frequent regularity: The Polaris RZR Electrical System.

Most articles and blogs tend to lean towards the more "interesting" aspects of fixing or modifying a UTV. Adding horsepower, increasing ground clearance and buying bigger, wider tires. Those are the attention grabbers for many people, but your side-by-side’s electrical system needs some love too!

To put things into perspective, lets go over all the things that use the electrical system in your Polaris RZR:

Does that help you get a feel for the importance of your Polaris RZR electrical system?

We thought so, too. That is a ton of parts using power in the UTV, and your small, stock battery might not be enough to keep that all running. So what can you do?

Replacement Polaris RZR Batteries

While the stock battery in your UTV will certainly get the job done off the lot, they almost always leave a great deal to be desired. Replacing yours with a Polaris RZR high performance battery will ensure your side-by-side starts reliably time after time. Even through inclement weather!

But with all of those Polaris RZR aftermarket lights, winches, stereos, etc. all using a ton of power while you’re out on the trail, even the biggest and baddest batteries could end up leaving you stranded.

The Solution - Polaris RZR Dual Battery Kits

Installing a Polaris RZR dual-battery kit in your Razor can quickly become one of the most important upgrades you can make to your electrical system. Doing so provides a dedicated secondary battery for powering all of those power-hungry aftermarket accessories. This reserves the main battery for starting your UTV.

No more having to call for a jump start in the middle of the woods because your radio drained your main battery!

Polaris RZR Electrical Problems A Plenty!

Aside from a dead battery, there are a few other common Polaris RZR electrical issues you might run into.

When installing aftermarket accessories, blown fuses can become an issue. Devices that require power accommodations that your stock system isn’t made to handle will trip fuses easier than you think. A simple blown fuse can also lead to a check engine light appearing, which we all know is infuriating!

Whats more, is that with all of the electrical components and Polaris RZR electrical connectors inside and out of your buggy, you will need to keep an eye on any potential rodent problems.

Rodents LOVE to make their homes in motorized vehicles that sit dormant for long periods of time without being started. Your beloved Polaris RZR, RZR 4, or RZR Turbo is no exception to that rule! Rats, squirrels and other small animals enjoy chewing through the most important wiring, cables, and lines in cars, trucks and UTV’s alike.

Most owners that have experienced this before recommend leaving rodent traps around their garage or yards where the UTV is stored, and that seems to do the trick. Alternatively, Polaris RZR storage covers can also thwart wire-hungry rodents -- so long as the skirts extend fully and securely to the ground.

One final note on wiring:

You may end up adding aftermarket accessories that require you to run wires near the engine bay, exhaust, or other parts that get extremely hot. If so, you will absolutely want to make sure to wrap those wires in a Polaris RZR heat shroud material to prevent them from melting and causing major issues such as blown fuses, short circuits, and even electrical fires!

Maintaining the Polaris RZR Battery

Many owners end up garaging their RZR for long periods of time. Either due to heavy rain seasons, frigid snowy winters, etc. and don’t realize their batteries are susceptible to decay over time. To avoid this, make sure you keep a Polaris RZR Battery Maintainer and Charger in your garage to keep your batteries at full health and ready to go when riding season comes around again!

Hopefully this list of Polaris RZR electrical issues and resolutions helps you to keep your side-by-side in top shape. And whether you need Polaris RZR electrical blocks or Polaris RZR electrical troubleshooting products like voltage meters, Everything Polaris RZR is the place to go! 

See you on the trails!