Finding The Best Insurance To Cover Your Polaris RZR

Feb 16th 2020

Your credit score, recent claims, driving record, as well as the amount of times you've switched insurance companies will all play a factor in the cost of getting your Polaris RZR insured. Although it can differ from state to state and country to country, most of the major insurers provide competitive policies for the RZR. Many let you bundle other things like RVs, ATVs, and boats into one policy, which should reduce the overall amount you pay to insure all of your toys. And you can even get policies that cover any medical expenses you may incur from accidents on the trail. But withe the right Polaris RZR safety accessories like 4-point harnesses, helmets, and aftermarket roll cages, you can probably get by without off-road medical insurance.

The type of coverage you’re after will also affect how much you pay per month for insurance. Obviously, full coverage will cost more than partial coverage, and some policies — such as those by Foremost Insurance — will also cover your aftermarket RZR accessories. The year and edition of your Razor play a small roll in the insurers calculation for the price for your RZR insurance policy, but this is negligible compared to the aforementioned factors. Be it a big-name insurer or a small-time local outfit, a little research can go a long way to help you avoid exorbitant insurance costs on your Polaris RZR and other off-road toys. 

Using Large Insurers To Cover Your RZR

Through a company like State Farm, Geico, Progressive, or Liberty Mutual, you should be able to get decent coverage on your RZR for less than $40 per month. A significant caveat to this, however, is your driving record. If you have a few speeding tickets or an otherwise poor driving record, traditional insurance companies will charge you an arm and a leg cover your RZR. 

For those with clean records, these large insurers are a decent option to choose. We know folks that pay $36 a month to cover their RZR XPT through Geico, and others that pay $37 a month to cover their 2020 Turbo S through State Farm. Liberty Mutual is around the same price, and so is Progressive. Like regular audio insurance, though, the amount you pay for UTV coverage will vary based on your age and the state in which you live. Younger drivers should expect to pay more, and coverage for those living in states like California and New York will be higher than the national average. 

Covering multiple drivers will also cost more. With Progressive, for example, you can get full coverage for two drivers on a 2018 XP 1000 for around $230 per year. And depending on what infractions you have on your driving record, you may still be able to get relatively cheap insurance. A long-time customer of Everything Polaris RZR from Colorado told us he pays $40 per month from Liberty Mutual to cover his machine — and he is a notorious speed daemon with the tickets to prove it.    

Using Smaller-Name Insurers To Cover Your RZR

There are many niche insurance companies that focus on particular states or on ATVs, side-by-sides, and other off-road vehicles like the RZR and RZR Turbo. So if you’ve received an egregious quote from the bigger players, using one of the smaller guys may prove cheaper. Sled Insure is a company that covers cars, snowmobiles, ATVs, and other power-sports vehicles. They only cover 31 states in the US, but if you happen to reside in a state where they do business, they are a viable option for Polaris RZR insurance. 

Some RZR owners get full coverage on both their Razor and their ATV from a company called Safeco for only $46 per month, while others get even better rates from companies like Country Financial, Erie, and American Family Insurance. Regarding the latter, it’s not uncommon to get base coverage for as little as $18 per month. And if you've got rock sliders, skid plates, bumpers, and other safeguards installed on your rig, a minimum-coverage policy may be the best and cheapest option.

Just because you’re paying less for insurance, however, doesn’t mean that you’re getting more value. It all depends on the coverage options, what the insurance company is going to cover, the deductible, and many other factors. The Richmond Insurance Group is a popular option among Polaris RZR owners. In fact, because they specialize in off-road insurance policies, many riders end up switching all their vehicles over to them. 

If you’re not located in Kentucky, Foremost Insurance is a good option. You can get a year of coverage with million-dollar liability limits and a max guest medical coverage of $25,000 for only $183 — or just $100 for comp and collision deductibles. 

Some RZR riders like to also carry uninsured motorist property damage and medical, which extends their limits to cover themselves, and other riders if they are uninsured or underinsured. A good number of RZR owners wouldn't dream of turning in a claim if they can fix the problem themselves. And with easily-accessible tools and replacement parts, repairing your own RZR has never been easier. Even if you hit someone, doing all you can to pay out of pocket will help keep you claim free — which is important because insurance companies will always try to get you back in the long run through higher rates in the future. Similarly, choosing super high limits on coverage signals to insurance companies that you’re a responsible owner, and therefore much less of a risk than someone who rides around with state minimums.   

In Closing

A high accident rate with UTVs as well as a growing number of insurance fraud schemes have inflated many insurance policies for the Polaris RZR and other side-by-sides. But you can avoid the amount you pay to cover your machine by using smaller-name insurance companies, choosing higher deductibles, or utilizing build-your-own-policy tools from companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, and other ATV/UTV insurance providers. You might like to live on the edge and ride without insurance. But if you want to make your machine street legal or simply enjoy the peace of mind that comes with full Polaris RZR coverage, the right insurance will go a long way. Add a fire extinguisher to the mix and you won't have to worry about completely torching your machine!