Everything Polaris RZR Reaches New Heights

Nov 29th 2020

The ever-increasing practicality of side-by-sides in conjunction with new features, more options, and greater versatility has not only persuaded existing Polaris RZR owners to upgrade their machines, but it has also convinced non-UTV owners to jump headfirst into the off-road lifestyle. And as these newly-christened side-by-sides make their way into the homes and hearts of riders around the world, the ballooning demand for aftermarket Polaris RZR accessories increases in lockstep. The thrill seekers can now go faster, the adventurers can now go further, and the leisure riders can now ride with friends and family knowing that their safety and well-being won’t be compromised. And despite all the differences between these disparate riding groups exists a central commonality, and that is the need for sound advice, proper user guidance, and high-quality products at affordable prices. Because Everything Polaris RZR provides all these things and much more, it has sustained unprecedented rates of growth over the past few years.

In fact, Everything Polaris RZR’s parent company, Gear Up 2 Go, ranked number 1,965 on Inc. Magazine’s list of the Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America during 2020, an accolade that is attributable to several key factors. Sector-wide changes such as manufacturers producing UTVs with greater passenger capacity has helped the industry broaden its target customer base. Instead of being an individual activity for diehard motor heads and adrenaline junkies, riding off-road Utility Terrain Vehicles is now something the everyday family man or woman can enjoy. Plus, through deregulations on the city, county, and state levels, the increasing on-road legalization of UTVs has led to them being used more and more as commuter vehicles and day-to-day transportation machines. Add to this features such as in cab heating / cooling, top-of-the-line speakers and stereo systems, and all the creature comforts you might find in a car or truck, and it’s little wonder why Polaris RZR sales are surging.

In addition to our customer-centric methodology and steadfast commitment to helping Everything Polaris RZR users customize their Polaris Razors in a multitude of ways, another thing that sets us apart from the competition is our broad approach to aftermarket side-by-side customizations. Some retailers focus exclusively on speed riders, while others stick to selling parts for sand and mud riders. At Everything Polaris RZR, however, we provide products for everyone from hunters and outdoorsmen to trail riders and competitive racers. Whether you ride desert dunes, steep mountains, or thick peanut butter mud, we’ve got the domain-specific parts, components, and accessories you require to dominate on any terrain!

Ever since the company’s founding over a decade ago, our mission has always been to provide the maximum amount of benefits to the maximum number of riders at the lowest possible cost. And under the guidance of Michael Lutes, we’ve been able to adhere to this mission through thick and thin. In his own words, Mr. Lutes was recorded saying that, “I am so proud of the amazing team we have built!  Our company is made up of 50+ people that come in every day and give 110% to serve our customers and make Gear Up 2 Go a better place to work! We have a management team that is out of this world and this award is a testament to their leadership.  Our company is not big into awards but what we are into is surpassing our customer's expectations, and this is just a recognition of that, which we are all very proud of." 

Awards and accolades are great, but they pale in comparison to the amazing feedback we’ve received from our valued customers. As off-road enthusiasts ourselves, we love sharing our passion and helping others realize the tremendous joys that can be had from owning a Polaris RZR!