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Turn Signal Kits

Depending on where you ride, installing a Polaris RZR Turn Signal Kit -- as well as a UTV horn and windshield -- is required by law to perform on-road driving maneuvers. And while the police in some states and counties are a little more relaxed with their enforcement of state and federal traffic laws, if you are driving on public streets and highways, it is compulsory to have blinkers and brake lights to signal your intentions while conducting turns and stops on publicly-owned roads and thoroughfares. Even if you ride in the backwoods and on private property, turn signals are great if you ride in groups or use your RZR at night -- sure beats flashing the light bar like a maniac. Based on the price of many top-end Polaris RZR Turn Signal Kits, you may be thinking that hand signals are the way to go. But when it comes to Polaris RZR Blinkers, you tend to get what you pay for.

Companies like SuperATV, Corbin Custom Works, and Dux Signal Kits make great signal kits that are simple to set up with a clean, Plug-&-Play, install. Run an integrated horn button and signal switch or install lever-action blinkers that mount to the base of the steering wheel. The higher-end kits utilize your machine’s stock brake lights, alleviating the need to install LEDs on the rear. But whatever setup you run and regardless of your RZR edition, at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the best Polaris RZR Turn Signals money can buy.

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