Switches and Wiring

Don’t mess around when it comes to your rig’s electrical system and obtain the Polaris RZR switches, switch harnesses, and switch wiring products you require from Everything Polaris RZR! And to help ensure that everything gets hooked up correctly, we also offer helpful resources like Polaris RZR wiring diagrams and wiring schematics as well as wire connectors, wire covers, and complete Polaris RZR wire kits!

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We might be a little biased, but we think it would be a shame to own a Polaris RZR without making the investment into aftermarket UTV upgrades and accessories. You can get so much more out of your Polaris RZR when you’re willing to invest in aftermarket upgrades. Light bars, spot lights, head lights, and whip lights can give you the visibility and illumination you need to start taking your Polaris RZR out on night time adventures, while a winch will give you the pulling strength you need to get your Polaris RZR out of the stickiest situations. And how great is it to be able to rock out to your favorite songs and artists when you’re tearing it up off-road by upgrading your Polaris RZR with an aftermarket side by side sound bar, roll cage speakers, or complete stereo system?

These aftermarket UTV upgrades are all different and offer different benefits for your Polaris RZR, but they also share one thing in common. That is that they are all electronic and will need to be wired up to your Polaris RZR’s battery and electrical system. An important consideration to make when installing electrical accessories is how you are going to control them. It is possible to manually turn things like light bars and sound bars on and off, but many riders find this tedious and can’t be bothered to have to get up and down to do this. A much better option in our opinion is to use rocker switches. By installing rocker switches and wiring them up to your Polaris RZR’s new upgrades and accessories, you can enjoy convenient dash-mounted control of these upgrades and accessories without having to get out of your Polaris RZR’s cab.

Rocker switches are one of the best ways to put the finishing touch on your Polaris RZR’s new aftermarket upgrade. Lucky for you, all the best aftermarket rocker switches for UTVs and side by sides like the Polaris RZR can be found in one place right here at Everything Polaris RZR. Our selection of Polaris RZR rocker switches is supplied by top industry-leading brands like ModQuad, Race Sport Lighting, DragonFire Racing, SuperATV, MTX Audio, XTC Power Products, Quad Logic, UTV Inc., Moose, and Rugged Radios. The Polaris RZR Universal Laser Etched LED Rocker Switches by DragonFire Racing are some of our most popular and best selling UTV rocker switches. These rocker switches feature laser etched designs of whatever accessory you need it for such as a horn, cargo lights, stereo, GPS, intercom radio, winch, or whip light. They are then back lit with either a red or blue LED light, so you’ll always be able to see them at night no matter how dark it gets. These rocker switches, along with all the other Polaris RZR rocker switches we have here, are specifically designed for off-road applications. This means whatever rocker switch you order from here will be able to stand up to the messiest off-road weather conditions and physical abuse.

Even if you don’t plan on connecting your Polaris RZR’s new aftermarket accessories to rocker switches, you will definitely need UTV electrical wiring hardware and wiring kits. Well, we have no shortage of side by side wiring parts and wiring kits for the Polaris RZR here at Everything Polaris RZR either. Need a busbar adapter? Order the Polaris RZR Pro XP / RS1 Plug & Play Busbar Adapter - Switched Fused Power Out – 14GA x 12″ Pig Tail by XTC Power Products. What about a wire harness? Take a look at the Polaris RZR 11′ Wire Harness with 4 Wire Terminal Strip by XTC Power Products.

In addition to general wiring kits and wire harnesses, we also have wiring kits for specific aftermarket accessories such as the Polaris RZR Universal LED Light Bar Wiring Harness by EMP and the Polaris RZR Basic Radio & Intercom Install Harness with Rocker Switch by Rugged Radios. And if your wires aren’t long enough, just order a wiring extension kit like the the Polaris RZR XP 1000 Wire Extension Kit by KFI. Get all the UTV wiring kits and wiring hardware you need to install aftermarket parts and accessories on your Polaris RZR as well as the rocker switches you need to control them right here at Everything Polaris RZR!