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Snorkel Kits

Yes the Polaris RZR is designed for racing, and it does phenomenal at that. But anyone who understands UTVs and Powersports, in general, will quickly realize that the RZR could be a gnarly mud machine as well with its beefed-up drivetrain and differentials. Stock RZRs can handle pretty much any size tires, so it makes sense that many riders are snorkeling their Polaris RZRs to play in the mud and tear through shallow streams, creeks, rivers, and ponds. For the technically savvy rider, building a UTV snorkel from scratch may seem doable. But for those of us without machine shops or the confidence to fabricate a water-tight snorkel, there are still many options to be had. Highlifter, for instance, makes a variety of snorkel caps, snorkel filters, and complete snorkel kits for the Polaris RZR, Polaris RZR 800, Polaris RZR 900, and most other Polaris models and UTVs. These snorkels provide clean and dry air to the internals of the machine as well as vent combustion exhaust. They prevent mud, water, and other debris from entering the clutch and engine and are designed to fit precisely inside your RZR model.

In addition to Highlifter, companies such as SYA also specialize in snorkels and Polaris RZR snorkel kits. These and similar snorkels don’t restrict airflow, and unlike cheaper UTV snorkels, utilize filters and other devices that block mud and debris while allowing proper airflow and breathing. So if you occasionally encounter mud or water in your RZR, snorkeling it may not be a bad idea. A UTV snorkel will keep your engine, belt system, and venting points dry, all while giving you peace of mind that no matter how hairy the trail gets, you’ll have what it takes to conquer it!

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