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If your RZR steering is wack and you need a new pinion and rack, we’ve got the stuff for you at Everything Polaris RZR. Not only do we have aftermarket Polaris RZR rack and pinions for the RZR 800, RZR 900, and RZR 1K, but we also carry Polaris RZR rack and pinion replacements as well as Polaris RZR rack and pinion components such as Polaris RZR rack and pinion boots, Polaris RZR rack and pinion bushings, and Polaris RZR rack and pinion grease!
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Are you worried about the strain your load is putting on your tie rods and racks and pinions? Worry no more because Everything Polaris RZR has the heavy-duty solution to your problems! We only offer the best, most durable, toughest, ruggedest parts – ready to tackle your toughest jobs and keep your Polaris RZR performing it’s best! When you want to improve performance and minimize breakage, look no further than these UTV tie rods and UTV racks and pinions. Order yours now!

Add stability to your Polaris RZR with a heavy-duty rack and pinion from Everything Polaris RZR. Whether you’re hauling and you need something to combat the strain on your vehicle or you are just looking for greater steering control from a stronger rack and pinion that won’t break when things get difficult, we have just what you need. Get rack and pinions for RZR XP 1000, your RZR XP Turbo or your RZR-S 1000 that are made of the highest quality materials and are rider tested and approved. We carry the stand-out brands in the aftermarket UTV accessory industry that are known for high-quality, durability and strength and these products are no different. Say goodbye to stock rack and pinions that can’t possibly give you the same performance. Want to tackle the toughest trails and tasks with the assurance that your rack and pinion would not buckle or break? Get a rack and pinion for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR.

If you hit a rock and took out your rack and pinion, you’ve come to the right place. If there’s a good deal of play in your rack which affects your turning abilities, you’re also at the right place. For the best RZR steering rack and pinion setups, Everything Polaris RZR has you covered. With our RZR steering rack selection, you can find the exact steering rack kit to fit your RZR edition and year. So if you’re hearing a clunking sound that seems to be coming from the center of the machine, if your steering is straight slop, or if you damaged your steering rack when riding, a replacement RZR rack and pinion system is only a few clicks away. 

For RZR owners that have the time and skill to do their own work, replacing a steering rack isn’t the hardest chore you could think of. All you really need is a socket wrench with 13mm, 15mm, and 19mm sockets as well as 13mm, 15mm, and 22mm crescent wrenches. To start, you’ll take off the front right tire and disconnect the tie rod from the knuckle and the inner ball and socket. There are then two short bolts on the passenger side and three long bolts on the driver side of the rack that you must take off to detach the rack from the UTV. If you have a new RZR steering rack, simply slide it back in the way you took it out. 

It is also important to center the rack, which you can do by taking the boots off and measuring from the face of the housing to the face of the inner ball and socket. First, you’ll want to rotate the rack and pinion as far as it will go using a steering shaft attached to the splines. Take your measurement, then divide by two, then turn the rack until it measures the same on both sides. Once it’s right in the middle, you can mark the spline with a sharpie so you know in the future where it is centered. 

If you think you’ll benefit from steering stops -- which stop your tires from hitting either the control arms or wheel well when turning all the way in one direction -- you can easily place them on while your RZR steering rack is out. Put the boots back on, zip-tie those bad boys, and go back through to make sure your rack is still centered -- making sure that your steering wheel is centered as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re installing a new, heavy-duty RZR rack and pinion kit, a refurbished steering rack, or simply adding or replacing a steering rack component or two, for everything Polaris RZR steering rack related, Everything Polaris RZR is your one-stop shop!

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