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Prop Shafts

On top of the strong and dependable Polaris RZR prop shafts, Polaris RZR drive shafts, and Polaris RZR propeller shafts available at Everything Polaris RZR, we also carry a large number of prop shaft components for the RZR, RZR 800, and RZR Turbo such as Polaris RZR prop shaft u-joints, Polaris RZR prop shaft bearings, and Polaris RZR prop shaft grease fittings. So if you’re hearing Polaris RZR drive shaft noises or experiencing a loose / misaligned prop shaft, we’ve got the exact products your UTV requires here at Everything Polaris RZR!
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Are you tired of dealing with bent Polaris RZR drive shafts, noisy differentials, and lousy carrier bearings? Are you skeptical about the benefits of having your Polaris RZR prop shaft phased by a sketchy / inexperienced mechanic? If your Polaris RZR driveshaft is bent or was welded out of phase, if you’re experiencing vibrations from the driveline, or if you’re simply looking to upgrade to a lighter and stronger driveshaft, you’ve come to the right place. At Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got top-of-the-line UTV driveshafts that blow the stock Polaris RZR drive shafts out of the water. Using tougher materials and improved carrier bearing angles, prop shafts from Everything Polaris RZR can handle enormous side loads, hard impacts, and the everyday use and abuse that comes with riding trails, tracks, rocks, and sand. Because the Polaris RZR propeller shafts we sell are harder than stock drive shafts, they won’t crush, bend, or splinter, which means no more annoying driveshaft vibrations. So don’t delay and grab a Polaris RZR prop shaft for your rig today!

In addition to prop shafts for the Polaris RZR 800, Polaris RZR 900, and Polaris RZR XP 1000, here at Everything Polaris RZR, we also offer a variety of prop shaft components as well. Need a new Polaris RZR prop shaft u-joint? We have them. Or how about a replacement Polaris RZR prop shaft bearing? We’ve got those as well. From drive shafts to Polaris RZR prop shaft grease fittings, we’ll hook you up with whatever you need. Plus, if you’re doing your own work and want some guidance regarding Polaris RZR prop shaft removal, we’re more than happy to lend a hand. Why shop elsewhere for Polaris RZR propeller shafts when you can get exceptional service, quick shipping, and superior products from a place like Everything Polaris RZR?

Companies like All Balls Racing, SuperATV, Quad Logic, and Moose all make high-grade prop shafts and prop shaft components for Polaris’ RZR lineup. Some sell the prop shaft alone, while others sell complete Polaris RZR prop shaft kits that come with both a prop shaft and a carrier bearing. The Polaris RZR propeller shafts by All Balls Racing comes as a 2-piece assembly that is pre balanced and phased at the factory. Because of this, driveline vibrations are curtailed, noise is kept to a minimum, and the life of the prop shaft is extended dramatically. Further, the All Balls Racing prop shaft -- as well as most of the other Polaris RZR prop shafts we sell -- include greasable u-joints and a carrier bearing so that the unit is ready to install once it arrives!

Front Polaris RZR prop shafts are one thing, but at Everything Polaris RZR, we also sell rear Polaris RZR prop shafts as well. And if you need help phasing your prop shaft prior to install, we can assist you with that at Everything Polaris RZR. Simply give us a call or type out a message and our knowledgeable staff will aid you with all your prop shaft related questions. No matter if you’re hearing a loud roar emanating from your front prop shaft, or if your rear prop shaft is wobbling from side to side like it was welded untrue, there are few things we can’t help you with at Everything Polaris RZR!

On new Polaris RZR prop shafts, there is a small raised portion in the valley of one of the splines that you can use to line up the joints so that the shaft is in phase. This keyed section of the shaft, however, is quite hard to see, and can be rubbed off after extensive use. Therefore, if you’re doing something like installing a new Polaris RZR carrier bearing, you should make sure to mark your prop shaft with a Sharpie before taking it apart. Fail to do so and you could cause further damage by putting the prop shaft back together incorrectly. But just because you don’t know what you’re doing, though, doesn’t mean you have to take your bike to the mechanic or dealer to have work done. With a little help from Everything Polaris RZR, you can get your new or old Polaris RZR prop shaft installed correctly in a manner that’s both balanced and in phase!

When it comes to a bent or out-of-phase RZR driveshaft, most local shops will rephrase the shaft and strengthen the tube instead of replacing the shaft outright. And while this may be cheaper in the short term, its effects in the long term are dubious at best. Many experts in the off-road powersports industry argue that phasing on the RZR drive shaft does not matter because the shaft does not move and is in a fixed position. If it was a car or truck drive shaft with a moving axle it would cause issues, but because the Polaris RZR driveshaft is fixed, phasing serves no purpose. That being said, a bent or out-of-balance driveshaft can still cause damage to the driveline and have negative effects on the drivability of your RZR. For this reason, companies such as SuperATV, SandCraft, and RCV have pumped countless dollars and R&D hours into creating the perfect RZR driveshaft. So if your Polaris RZR driveshaft is busted and you need a replacement, it’s hard to go wrong with an aftermarket driveshaft.

You require the best performance for your passion. Set yourself up for better with prop shafts from Everything Polaris Ranger. Get the best, high-quality prop shafts for your Polaris RZR and improve the durability and strength of your rig. We supply the premier prop shafts for your RZR XP 1000, your RZR XP Turbo and your RZR-S 1000 from the best lines like the Rhino Driveline Bounty Series and U-Series. With the best brands in the aftermarket UTV accessory industry at your disposal, we’re sure that you can find a prop shaft for your vehicle and to fit your unique needs. We have the widest variety of parts and accessories at the best prices hands-down. The time to beef up your performance is now! No need to be held back by stock shafts any longer. Get prop shafts for your side by side from Everything Polaris RZR.

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