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Half Windshields

There are many situations where full UTV windshields are needed. However, there are equally as many situations where Polaris RZR half windshields prove the better option. So if you've done your research and decided that a half windshield is best for your Polaris RZR, Everything Polaris RZR has the products for you. Mudders and swamp rippers often choose to install half Polaris RZR windshields to prevent the buildup of mud and debris. While you can bring along squeegees, bottles, or even pesticide sprayers filled with water for periodic windshield cleaning, this quickly becomes cumbersome if your full windshield becomes caked with mud after every puddle. Even if you rarely encounter mud and water, half windshields for the Polaris RZR are also great for casual summertime riding. They won't make your cab hot and stuffy like full windscreens, and they allow for adequate airflow to both refresh and cool you down. After all, if you want all the creature comforts of an automobile, you may as well just off-road in a pickup. Many riders run full windshields in the wintertime, and half windshields in the summer. Add to this some sunglasses in the day and yellow safety glasses at night, and your eyes will be sufficiently protected from bugs, dust, and dirt.

In addition to being the perfect accessory for summer riding, Polaris RZR half windshields also weight less than traditional windshields, and are thus more appropriate for races and long-distance rallies where every pound counts. Besides, those who race their RZRs typically wear full-face helmets, which can take a far harder blow than any glass windshield. So whether you want a tinted half windshield for your Polaris RZR turbo, a scratch-resistant polycarbonate half windshield for your RZR XP Pro, or a glass half windshield for your RZR S 900, with brands like SuperATV, EMP, and Spike Powersports, you're guaranteed to find a high quality half windshield for your rig here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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