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Glass Windshields

There are many great reasons why UTV riders choose to run Polaris RZR glass windshields on their vehicles. For one, glass windshields have a high R-value, making them very effective at insulating. This property of glass makes front and back glass windshields the perfect choice for cold-weather riders. If you plow with your RZR, ride snow with your RZR, or use your rig anytime the weather is cold, you can stay warmer by installing full glass windshields. In addition to being less thermally conductive, glass windshields for the Polaris RZR are also less prone to scratch. Glass windshields are not invincible, in fact far from it. If you roll your machine or take a direct hit from a rock at high speeds, a glass windshield may chip. But unlike plastic windshields, glass Polaris RZR windshields don't get scraped up and riddled with scratch marks from the slightest of encounters. Even washing a poly windshield can result in micro-scratches, which is why RZR owners who want to focus on riding rather than windshield maintenance go with Polaris RZR glass windshields. And with a variety of glass windshields for the Polaris RZR from companies like Ryfab, UTVZILLA, EMP, and Bad Dawg, you know that you can trust the full and half glass windshields from Everything Polaris RZR.

Glass as a material isn't known for being strong and durable, but by manufacturing glass in a way that puts the interior section under tension while simultaneously compressing the outer surfaces, UTV windshield makers are able to significantly strengthen their glass panels. This process is known as tempering, and tempered glass has general-purpose strength and transparency that can't be outdone by other materials. For this reason, most of the DOT-rated windshields for the Polaris RZR are made from tempered safety glass -- similar to automotive windshields. Although most glass DOT windshields for the Polaris RZR require thick frames that are bulky and weigh a bunch, a little extra weight goes a long way in terms of safety and protection. So if you want to cry once and only buy once instead of getting a new windshield every season, the glass Polaris RZR windshields you'll find here are the way to go.
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