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Whether you're working on your Polaris RZR at home or getting ready for an extended excursion, having the proper tools will make all the difference. And when it comes to mother nature, it’s always better to be over prepared than under prepared. If you don’t stray too far from home or ride with a crew, your risk levels are much lower than those riders who take their RZRs deep in the backwoods on solo trips. It might seem a bit extreme, but below is a list of tools and accessories that we’d recommend to those going on long trips, far from civilization, with only one machine:


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An assortment of cotter pins, An assortment of hose clamps, Various zip ties, A bag of various bolts, nuts, and washers, Steering rack boots (adding a spare rack as well if you feel so inclined), Spark plug wires, Spark plugs, Ball joints, A arm adjusters, Gorilla tape, Electrical tape, Electrical wire and connectors, Wheel bearing, Tie wire, Tire plug kit, Emergency axle boot, Various pipes, Vice grips, Heim joints, Radius rods, Tie rods, Front axle, Rear axle, Primary clutch, Secondary clutch, Spare belts, Come along jack, Snatch blocks, Rain suits, Shovel, Spare tire, Fuel pump, Voltage regulator, 14,000-pound tow strap, 10,000-pound rope, Scissor jack, 2 Clevis and pins, Cordless drill, Cordless compressor, Cordless impact driver, Cordless chainsaw, Drill bits, Tap and die set, Sockets, Allens, Torx bits, Pliers, Wrenches, Hammer, Hatchet, Ratchets, Screwdrivers, Pry Bars, Slide Hammer, Oil, Coolant, Radiator hose tape, Brake pads, Fuses, Relays, Jumper pack, High lift jack, 2 fire extinguishers, 2 gallons gas, M17 military first aid kit, Flashlights / headlamps, A side arm, One night survival kit that includes a tent, fire starters, body warmers, lighters, matches, a flare, solar blankets, a life straw,a mirror, two cans of emergency food, and two spoons.

This may seem like an extensive list and is probably overkill for most riders. But get stuck once and you'll realize the importance of preparedness. To store all these accessories, parts, and tools, obviously cargo bags, and tool boxes come in handy. But you can also use Harley saddle bags or a waterproof Pelican box for things you want to keep dry. Pelican boxes are great because they are very durable and, most importantly, waterproof. You can store it behind the seat or, depending on the size you go with, you can put it anywhere it will fit. These and similar boxes are great places to store electrical gear like a small portable jump pack. Instead of dragging around jumper cables, these packs are a great alternative. Just make sure to charge it before you leave the house. A typical jump pack will give you several good jump starts and will have several different adapters, including a 12v plug so you can recharge it in the bike as well.

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