A typical aftermarket exhaust for the Polaris RZR  will increase the noise power by 200%, horsepower by about 3-4%. A lifelong customer of Everything Polaris RZR has a Razor that came stock at 110 HP. He put a  Dino exhaust on it and was right at 138 HP. So if you were wondering if an aftermarket exhaust does anything other than change the sound of the machine, there’s a little bit of a difference in power to say the least. Granted, these power gains were not at the rear wheel though. Nonetheless, when it comes to aftermarket Polaris RZR exhausts and RZR exhaust tunes, there are many companies to mix and match. We know a lot of people that run AA tunes with the stock exhaust and like them. We know others who run a full Evo Captain’s Choice Turbo Back Exhaust with a Stage 3 tune and love that setup. Still others go with Trinity’s stage 5 exhaust and tune or Aftermarket Assassins’ exhaust and tune. We know Gibson’s dual exhaust system with a AA tune is a particularly rowdy setup, and riders like it because it doesn’t have packing and it keeps the machine’s noise emissions below the legal decibel level… albeit just barely.

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On the other end of the spectrum, some aftermarket exhausts are quieter than their stock counterparts. Better yet, a selection of these quieter exhausts cause zero performance losses. The aftermarket exhaust company HMF makes a selection of great twin-canister exhaust systems for the Polaris RZR that a less noisy but no less functional. So regardless of what you’re after in a Polaris RZR exhaust -- be it an upgraded and aftermarket exhaust system or replacement OEM parts for the stock exhaust -- at Everything Polaris RZR, we’ve got the stuff to keep your RZR running at its best.

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