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Depending on the aftermarket accessories you run in your Polaris RZR and their draw on the electrical system, the options for your rig’s electrical setup are numerous. If you run only a few low current accessories, you should not see any issues with the stock electrical system. However, if you have a ton of items drawing power simultaneously, a second battery is likely a worthwhile addition. We’ve seen various accessories -- from high-powered light bars to sound systems -- that melted the voltage regulator plug, and while you can just cut it out and rewire it without the plug, if you’re running a bunch of electric components, you may want to consider a Power Distribution Center (PDC). A PDC will not only help control power usage, but it will also help you avoid short circuits, blown fuses, and electric fires.

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If you build your own PDC, the configuration potentials are almost limitless. And because each accessory can be individually wired and switched, you will have ultimate control of your RZR's electrical system. Depending on how you want to make your PDC, you'll likely be using an ignition pod, ground, and illumination. You'll want a trigger wire attached to the relay in the box, and getting a wiring plug for the switches makes removal much easier if you need to pull the dash piece. Make sure also to label each plug to its appropriate switch, so when reconnecting you know what switch goes where. When it comes to switches, we advise using Contura V Switches, and with regards to connectors, there are a few options -- both of which, however, require a special crimping tool. Delphi Weatherpack Connectors are pretty robust and weather resistant. They were made famous by GM and are used in many vehicles as their preferred connector type. They're more affordable than the Deutsch Connectors, but not as robust. Deutsch Connectors are the best out their hands down. They can be submerged, can handle any shaking and rattling, and are great in all weather conditions. These are the connectors that are used by a lot of reputable companies like Rigid Industries. If you would like a wiring diagram for your RZR or any part/component to upgrade your machine's electric system, give us a call or email and we'll get you what you need to run your RZR electrical system like a pro.

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