Cooling System

There are many options one can implement regarding cooling system upgrades for the Polaris RZR. Be it a 2016 XP4 1000 Turbo RZR or the 900 Polaris RZR, the Reflex Cooling System Pro / Reflex Fan Kit can work wonders in keeping your RZR cool. The brackets in the kit spread the radiators apart, and the additional fan in the front of the radiator provides added airflow. The only caveat with this and similar kits is that they must be kept clean in order to work properly. Thus, if you have a Reflex fan and radiator bracket kit, you should try to avoid mud, lest the fan and radiator get blocked and clogged up. If that is simply not an option, you can also move the intercooler to the back of the cage. Getting a performance reflashed ECU will also keep your RZR cooler by initiating the fans to turn on at lower engine temperatures -- say, for example, 188 degrees. If you’re worried about voiding your rig’s warranty, it is possible to just get another ECU and have it flashed so you still have your stock ECU. If you ever need to take your RZR in for warranty work, simply swap the stock ECU back in there.

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If you’re doing any work on your RZR’s cooling system yourself, you might find yourself with air in the cooling fluid lines. While you can access the cooling system bleeder screw via a small door between the seats through the cover for the oil filter and take it off with an 8mm socket with a swivel and extension, it’s way easier to use a burping funnel and simply let your RZR run for 10 minutes. You can pull the front of your bike up on a hill and bleed the air out without having to mess around with the bleeder screw. Just get the front higher than the back. If you have a winch, hook it up to a tree branch and lift the front up a tad. If you’ve done this properly but coolant is still filling up the reservoir and pissing out of the red, replace the thermostat and water pump. Should this still not fix the issue, the problem is likely with your RZR’s head gasket -- that is, unless you have oil mixed in there as well, then maybe the inner water pump seal to the engine oil passages is blown. Replacing the head gasket isn’t super difficult, but be sure and replace the bolts and studs with good ARP or alike Fasteners. And don't cut any corners, even if it takes a little longer to get it right. If you have any questions about how to fix your Polaris RZR cooling system or the parts/tools required, give us a holler and we’ll make sure your rig is cool as a cucumber.

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