Long Travel Kits

Find, buy, and ship a Polaris RZR long travel kit directly to your door from Everything Polaris RZR today! Be it a complete Polaris RZR long travel suspension package, Polaris RZR long travel axles, or Polaris RZR long travel shocks, we offer it all and a whole lot more here at Everything Polaris RZR!

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There is no mistaking the dreaded thump of bottoming out the shocks of a UTV or side by side like the Polaris RZR. This is a great way to interrupt a fun day of off-roading, and it can cause you a lot of anxiety worrying about whether or not you did damage to your Polaris RZR’s suspension system. And if you do end up damaging your Polaris RZR’s suspension system, get ready to pay up some serious money. Replacing your Polaris RZR’s rear axles, front axles, shocks, springs, A-arms, control arms, sway bars, or trailing arms doesn’t come cheap. The truth is, the Polaris RZR’s factory suspension system isn’t designed to maximize your off-road riding performance. You can choose to individually upgrade certain parts and components of your Polaris RZR’s suspension system for certain benefits, or you can just order an aftermarket UTV long travel suspension kit for your Polaris RZR.

What’s great about side by side long travel suspension kits is that they come with all the parts and components you need to give your Polaris RZR the ultimate suspension upgrade in one easy order. For instance, you will find that most Polaris RZR long travel kits come with things like tie rods, radius rods, A-arms, trailing arms, chassis braces, trailing arm guards, and sway bar links. Unlike their stock counterparts, these long travel suspension parts are bigger, longer, and stronger. This makes a UTV or side by side like the Polaris RZR more stable and less likely to roll or flip on bumpy or uneven terrain. Long travel suspension kits also allow the Polaris RZR to handle a lot more extreme shock absorption. This is why UTV long travel kits are perfect for off-road enthusiasts who find that their Polaris RZR’s stock suspension system just isn’t able to handle the more challenging types of terrain they enjoy riding on.

If you are interested in ordering a good long travel kit for your Polaris RZR, you can’t go wrong with the Polaris RZR Pro XP Long Travel Kit by Holz Racing Products. This long travel suspension kits comes with heat-treated and aircraft grade aluminum tie rods, radius rods, A-arms, trailing arms, and a rear chassis brace. You can also choose to include trailing arm guards, a rear sway bar link kit, and half shafts. This long travel suspension kit will widen your Polaris RZR’s stance by 72” to give it much more stability and front tire clearance. It also improves traction and reduces unsprung weight. With this side by side long travel suspension kit for the Polaris RZR, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you can start taking on that rough and challenging terrain that you’ve previously been shying away from.

You don’t need to shell out for an entire UTV long travel suspension kit if you want to give your Polaris RZR the benefits of long travel suspension. You can also just order UTV long travel suspension parts independently. Take a look at the side by side long travel axles we have such as the Polaris RZR XP 1000 Front Axle For 3" Long Travel Kit | Rhino Axles 2.0 by SuperATV and the Polaris RZR 900 / XP 1000 / XP Turbo Rear Axles For 3" Long Travel Kit | Rhino 2.0 by SuperATV. These long travel front and rear axles are made from heavy-duty and heat-treated 4340 chromoly steel, making them twice as strong as stock axles. These aftermarket long travel axles are exactly what you need if you want to give your Polaris RZR a safer and more stable ride.

If a long travel suspension upgrade for your Polaris RZR is something that’s been on your mind, there’s no better place to look than right here at Everything Polaris RZR. We have the complete aftermarket UTV long travel suspension kits you need to give your Polaris RZR a smoother, more stable ride for the most difficult off-road terrains. We also have the individual aftermarket long travel suspension parts and components for a custom upgrade such as long travel axles or A-arms. Whatever it is you choose to order for your Polaris RZR, we know you will be satisfied and not regret the investment you’ve made.