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Single Person Race Systems

With all these expensive and high-tech UTV communications systems out there, one might be looking for something simpler such as a single person race system for the Polaris RZR. If you fall into this camp, we've got the communication unit for you. Our single channel UHF receivers allow you to hear voice communications from crew or officials, leaving your hands free to white-knuckle your aftermarket steering wheel. Never miss a safety message from the race official again with our RZR single person race systems, which mute other race channel communications so you hear what you need, and only what you need. True RZR racers never race without one, so why would you? Whether you're in the IXCR series or some other long-distance UTV racing circuit, communication units are usually compulsory, if not highly advised when racing in an RZR. Some side-by-side accessories can be overlooked, but a single person racing system is not one of them.

Using features like button locks to ensure that the channel never changes while you ride as well as tone codes that can be programmed to alleviate cross-chatter between frequencies, your racing communications will come in loud and clear directly to your ear channels. And with a variety of earpiece options, you'll be driving in comfort regardless of what helmet you use. Including features such as UTV-specific earbuds, a UHF receiver, and a convenient clip to attach the unit to yourself or your side-by-side, there is nothing you'll be left wanting with a single person racing communication system from Everything Polaris RZR. Use it inline with a two-way radio to hear both audio sources with a single device, or program it for a specific frequency for a single transmission, with an RZR racing system for single drivers, you'll hear what you want, and nothing else!

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