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For long-range communication with other UTV riders, campers, and hunters in the area, a Polaris RZR radio communication device is paramount. Other communication options are ok, but things like two-way radios and transceivers that can both transmit and receive signals are among the best options for communicating in a side-by-side setting. The most common type of two-way radios are walkie talkies -- also known as hand-held radios -- but other types of UTV radios exist that are both mobile, or stationary with the cab of your RZR. Whatever type of UTV radio you're after for communication, we've got it. Be it fixed-channel or multi-channel radios, you're sure to find the radio that is both easy to use, and functional. After all, you can have the best communication radio in your Polaris RZR, but if you don't know how to use it, it's effectively worthless.

With earphone jacks and smart mic units that have push-to-talk functionality, the radios you'll find here can be operated in any weather condition. And if you like to ride your RZR in winter, we've got radios that are easily operated with gloves on, so your hands will never get cold trying to use your UTV radio. In addition to two-way communication radios, we also offer longer-range radios and radios with more functionality. Citizen's Band radios are commonly used for short- to medium-range vehicle-to-vehicle communication between riders, while other personal radios running on other frequencies such as FRS radios, UHF radios, GMRS radios, and MURS radios are also popular among riders with a bit more technical know-how. While the use of some of these devices may require an amateur radio license, most can be used freely so long as you're adhering to the local rules in your area. Whatever you're after regarding Polaris RZR communication radios and radio kits for the RZR, we here at Everything Polaris RZR have what you seek and can sort you out faster than you can say breaker breaker over and out!

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