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Race Air Pumper System

If you've ever considered running a race air pumper system in your Polaris RZR, there's no better time than now to get one installed. Riders with these fresh air helmet systems love not having dust in their face all the time. And because most of the race air pumper systems for the Polaris RZR come with built-in intercoms, you can listen or give driving instructions as you go. Sure it might be a bit of a pain getting in and out or using the system with others that don't have radios, but the benefits far exceed the costs in most cases. While there are a lot of good race air pumping systems for the Polaris RZR, a few systems have proven better than the rest when judged by actual racers and RZR owners. The Rugged Radio blower with Klim helmets, for example, is a great combination, but the Rugged Radio pumper also works nicely with some Impacted Racing helmets. Another good race air pumping system is the PCI variable pumper connected to a Pryotech helmet. The PCI air pumper has a lot of positive feedback and riders love the way it mounts. The S & B Helmet Particle Separator is another good system, but there are many other air pumps and comparable helmets one can use to make a good racing air pumper system in the RZR. You can mix and match parts from various sources to suit both your needs and budget.

If you ride in the dust at all, using an air pumper system in your Polaris RZR is totally worth it. Add comms to the mix and you’ll never go back. With the pumper on your face does not get all sweaty. Turn the pumper off, however, and it gets hot real quick as there are no vents in most of the helmets made for UTV fresh air systems. The only caveat to fresh air pumpers for UTVs is that one pump may not be enough for a full family. A simple one-pump system should work just fine for a family of three, but four is probably too much. Should you want to provide fresh air to more than three riders, you'll likely want to install a second pump. If you have always worn helmets when riding, using an air pumper system should be an easy transition. Helmets with pumps are cooler so long as the pump is on but even if it's off you can still open the face shield to get air from the outside. But if you do run a race air pumper system in your RZR, make sure to wear chapstick on all-day or multi-day rides, as they tend to suck the moisture out of the air.

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