Offroad Short Course

When you're ripping up the short course in your Polaris RZR, you need to be focused on the track, not your communication device. Most riders don't have the bandwidth to muti-task on the track, yet still want the ability to communicate with others around them. There could be an unknown obstacle ahead, or your machine could be faulty. Whatever the reason, it's always good to have a line of communication with your team, especially if you're racing competitively. You never know what could happen, and if you are isolated in your RZR without a properly functioning Off-Road short course communication system, you might lose precious seconds, or your front a-arm. Whether you're at the second round of the stadium short course series at Glen Helen raceway or doing a little short course racing action at Fox Raceway in Pala, don't hit the track or trail without a short course communication system.

No short course buggy is complete without a communication device. And not just any communication device will suffice. A proper short course-specific communication system should come with an in-helmet mic and headset for hands-free functionality -- after all, if you have to push to talk you're losing half of your ability to operate the steering wheel. Lag should also be mitigated in a short course communication system. If it takes five seconds to get the message across, you may already be meters away from what your team were trying to tell you about. Look at any UTV world champion's setup and you'll find that they all have communication devices in their machines. So do yourself a service and install a short course comm device in your RZR right away! Sure you might be able to ride alright without one, but you'll never truly excel until you have one.

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