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GPS Units

Getting lost in your Polaris RZR -- or any UTV for that matter -- is never fun. But with a GPS unit from Everything Polaris RZR, you'll always have a guiding light to point you in the right direction. Sure phone apps and Google maps can guide you when you're in cell range. Once you lose service, however, you're out of luck. Plus, the detail on many of these apps and maps tends to be low, leaving out a lot of trails and tracks that could have otherwise been ridden. With something like the Polaris RZR Voyager Pro GPS Kit by Trail Tech, however, you'll not only never get lost, but you'll also know exactly where you are and where the best destinations to ride are as well. With a Polaris RZR GPS unit, you'll have colored maps with easy-to-identify icons. You can record your rides, plan excursions beforehand, and get exact GPS coordinates. GPS Units can also be used to track your speeds, which is useful if you're messing around with the RZR's ECU or anything that can affect the performance of the speedometer.

Paper maps can only do so much. And yes, when all else fails, the simplicity of a paper map can work in a jam, but there's more to a Polaris RZR GPS unit than providing directions. Standard trail maps often don't show inclines and hills. And even topographic maps can only show you so much. Something like the Garmin Zumo 595lm, Lifetime Trailmaps, or the Magellan TRX 7 are all reasonably priced and provide great mapping with most trails in their database. Sure, the Polaris Ride Command is ok. But it only holds around 10 rides and constantly loses your track. The Magellan, on the other hand, holds thousands of rides and never loses track of your Polaris RZR. It only takes one wild goose chase 20 miles up a random trail in the wrong direction to make you realize the need for a proper side-by-side GPS system. So do yourself a favor and install a Polaris RZR GPS unit from Everything Polaris RZR today!

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